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12/18/2003 6:30am,
This link found via www.fark.com:

http://icsouthlondon.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0300southwark/content_objectid=13729934_method=full_siteid=50100 _headline=--I-fought-off-raider--name_page.html
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"John Otieno-Magero told the South London Press how he struggled with the intruder and held him down until cops arrived.

The 74-year-old manager of Kings Food and Wine on Denmark Hill said: "He jumped over the counter and tried to wrestle with me but I managed to overpower him, even though he bit my hand.

"I had already been attacked three times and I always try to defend myself.

"I used to do kung fu in the early 1970s so I know how to handle myself. It has come in very handy, although I'm slower than I used to be

12/18/2003 9:03am,
Kung Fu Does Work...it just takes a longer time to develop.

12/18/2003 9:42am,
I too have heard advice of that kind. Arts like Kung Fu and Aikido can be quite deadly in the right hands. Unfortunatly though they are not as simplistic or direct as kickboxing or karate. That is theres so much more to them than block punch kick,block puch kick etc. The downside is they take so much longer to perfect. And thats only if you have a competant instructor.

12/18/2003 9:51am,
I personally think that's an easy out for Kung-fu teachers. From the older generation that I know about, they started fighting pretty young. Although their training starts at around 12. What's the point of having a system that trains incompetent youth and deadly senior citizens?! We fight when we are young. That's when we need it most.

Good for the old man though!

12/18/2003 9:58am,

But many systems like Aikido and Kung Fu, there systems are purely based on fighting, but more based on internal aspects such as enlightnment and warrioirship. True, most fighting is done young, however these sytles tend to teach you how to keep fighting the most powerful and dangerous enemy.. which is ourself. The physical aspect to these MA is only a particular part of a particular way in which they achieve these goals.

This is what i believe in anyway, plus, i still know some people with TMA background that fight like demons.

12/18/2003 10:00am,
Another typo people i mean 'There systems are NOT purely based on fighting in refernce to beating da **** out of people.'