12/18/2003 2:03am,

It could have been a scene from The Sopranos except that it was for real. It took place on February 2, 2001, and the feds caught it all on audio tape. Two made members of the Mafia and an associate had met to discuss the shakedown of a Hollywood movie star. The actor was a martial artist who specialized in playing tough-guy heroes on the big screen. Throughout his career, the star had made several claims of real-life heroics, including black-ops jobs for the CIA and encounters with organized crime figures around the world. The actor also apparently had a fixation with urban Italian-Americans, claiming at one time to be half-Italian when in reality his mother was Irish and his father Jewish. In one of his films, he played an Italian-American detective with close ties to the old neighborhood and the hoods who infested it. In one scene, the hero sits down for espresso with the local boss, showing him the same respect that any of his soldiers would.

The rest can be found here:


12/18/2003 2:07am,
You know I reckon those Soprano mafia mob guys arn't that tuff. I don't mean the actors like Joe Pesci, they're probably pussies but I mean your John Gotti and Sammy Gravano guys.

They love to look hard while they are surrounded by bodyguards in slip on shoes and dark sunglasses but I reckon hardened martial artist could take them easily.

12/18/2003 3:02am,
"Seagal apparently began to believe his own press. On the set of one movie, he challenged a stuntman, who was a black belt in judo, to try to choke him out, a judo technique in which pressure is applied to the carotid artery in the neck until the victim is rendered temporarily unconscious. According to one source, Seagal claimed to be impervious to the technique. He was wrong. The producers of the film became frantic when they saw their NBA-sized star lying unconscious on the ground.


12/18/2003 3:04am,
"Ned Zeman in Vanity Fair quotes an actress who described Seagal's new spin on the casting-couch lure. According to the woman, Seagal had asked her to take off her top and groped her breasts in order to show her where her spiritual "meridian points" were located."


12/18/2003 3:49am,
Originally posted by akamai
p and groped her breasts in order to show her where her spiritual "meridian points" were located."

I must say, I didn't like Seagal before, but this elevates him in my opinion...
Imagina the "bend over so I can check if your rectum expels chi" line, or the "let me use my yang rod to check your throat meridians" line of Mr.Seagal.

Clearly, he is a master

12/18/2003 9:06am,
He's halfway to becoming a Buddhist Monk isn't he? Isn't he buying his way into sainthood...you can't hate an Aikido- Buddhist -monk -wife -beater guy, can you?

12/18/2003 9:22am,
HAAHAHAHA this Segal dood is fucking great, I mean , who cares if hes **** at MA, he gets women to take off their tops when they want, pretends to know MA , gets chocked out, and still earns millions of dollars, **** that, thats the best MA in itself. Hats off to you Segal..



12/18/2003 9:25am,
How do you know that judo story of Segal is true?

12/18/2003 10:01am,
Don't forget that the women he was beating was none other than Kelly Lebrock.

12/18/2003 11:05am,
Gene LeBell was they guy who choked him out.
And Seagal is LOOKING more and more like Buddah, thats for sure.