View Full Version : List of Fighters for US Nationals (as of 10/29)

10/29/2008 9:56pm,
United States Pankration National Championships
November 9th 2008
Santa Ana, California.

So Far we have Athletes from Southern California, Central California, Northern California, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Illinois, Maryland and Oklahoma.

All weights and divisions still have openings.
We are expecting many more registrations next week.

Men and Teens have a 16 man cap per weight class.
Women and Kids have a 8 "man" cap per weigh class.
If weights are still open by Nov 5th we may allow registrations at Saturday's Weigh In from 6-8 PM.
No registrations will be accepted during Sunday weigh in's.
We will start on time!
Pre-Register to guarentee your spot!

LIST OF ATHLETES: As of 10/29/08

Alex Miller - Millennia MMA (CA)

Daniel Opferman - Elite MMA (CA)

Stewart Walsh - Ind. (CA)

Mark Gonzales - Brandon's Martial Arts (OK)

Pablo Martinez - American Jiujitsu (CA)

Jeffrey Brown - Academy of Martial Arts (AZ)

Connan Mastrangelo - Krav Maga (CA)

Lee Pucket - Chung Hap Musul (CA)

Juan Madrano - Centerline Gym (CA)

Kent Tran - West Coast Fight Academy (CA)

Julian Batz - Wright Combat sports (NV)

Victor Phan - CSW (CA)

Jerry Shapiro - Cobra Kai (NV)

Brent Reed - MFS (CA)

Brice Weaver - City Boxing (CA)

Marco Luna - American Jiujitsu (CA)

Samuel Bracamonte - Shooters Freestyle (CA)

Nash Troeder - Academy of Martial Arts (AZ)

Chris Holdsworth - Cobra Kai (NV)

Brian Akers - OCJJ (CA)

Devin Cooney - Progressive Martial Arts (CA)

Brendon Cooney - Progressive Martial Arts (CA)

Justin Harrington - TNT BJJ (AZ)

Carlos Umana - Ind (CA)

Shane Daniels - Ind (CA)

Vincent O'Neil - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Brandon Hamshire - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Matt Saller - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Adam Tablano - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Joseph Han - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Steve Muligan - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Ramon Contreras - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Charles Gay - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Joeseph Lock - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Alex Jones - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Kody Merris - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Rick Hamilton - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Eric McDonald - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Anthony Miele - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Nick Molina - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Tyler Gorlewski - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Preston Snook - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Steve Mulligan - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Kody Merris - Camp Pendleton (USMC)

Joseph Morales - Ultimate Fitness (CA)

Kenny Quach - MADU Academy (CA)

Myles Gomes - Premier Martial Arts (CA)

Egan Conway - Beltsville Jiujitsu (MD)

Ryan Rich - Bruddas BJJ (CA)

Omur Cor - TNT BJJ (AZ)

Gregory Parker - OCK MMA (CA)

Chris Chikami - Caique Jiu Jitsu (CA)

Shaughn Whittington - OCK MMA (CA)

Ryan Sebesta - Harte Ju Jitsu (CA)

Tyler Farwell - Peleliu (IL)

Nico Manocchi - CMS (CA)

Need Registration forms!!!!! (Received payment without forms)

Ruben Cabrera

Nathan Ng

John Labrano

Armando Mera

Clay Denham

Anthony Pico