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12/17/2003 12:56pm,
Low blow: Lauren Burns returned from Europe yesterday to find the tae kwon do medal she won at the 2000 Sydney Olympics had been stolen.
Picture: Craig Borrow

Golden girl wants medal back
Mark Buttler

OLYMPIC champion Lauren Burns is desperately hoping for another gold medal presentation from the police.

Burns returned from Europe yesterday to find the tae kwon do medal she won at the 2000 Sydney Olympics had been stolen from her North Fitzroy home.
Burns pleaded for its return. "Please, have the courage to give it back to me," she said. "Please, don't throw it away. Find a way to return it. I don't care about the other things. It's priceless to me, but it's of no value to anyone else."

The medal is engraved with Burns' achievement, which police believe makes it impossible to sell.

Computer gear and jewellery were also stolen in Tuesday's break-in, but only the medal matters to the Olympic champion.

Burns, 29, estimated the medal had been through 25,000 sets of hands as she passed it around at speaking engagements, always confident it was a "boomerang" and would return.

"I hope it comes back this time," she said.

Her brother, Michael, and boyfriend Rabindra Naidoo knew of the break-in before Burns returned home, but held out hope she had hidden the medal somewhere safe.

Burns, who won golden glory in the 49kg tae kwon do event at Sydney 2000, said the theft hurt immensely. "My memories of the Sydney Olympics are something I will always cherish, but to have the gold medal stolen is devastating," she said. "I think I'm still in shock."

Two other Olympic champs, swimmer Ian Thorpe and skier Alisa Camplin, backed Burns' pleas yesterday.

"The value of this medal cannot be matched by money and can only be calculated in emotion," Thorpe said.

"I personally plead that this gold medal be returned to Lauren."

Camplin said: "It is a tangible reminder of years of achievements, sacrifices, pain and hard work. It's something she deserves to keep forever."

Burns' father, 1960s pop star Ronnie Burns, also urged the thieves to search their consciences.

Anyone with information on the theft can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Ice Queen
12/17/2003 1:01pm,
OK funny but true story.....the guy that dated my friend told her that he was going to the olympics in 2000 for TKD (he does kenpo). He hadn't been in a tourney in over 2yrs. I had a feeling he was lying, so we went to the mall to a bookstore and found some mag, that had pics of the olympic TKD team. She found out later that he went to Las Vegas with his other gf. Funny but true.

On topic...where's the feel good one?

12/17/2003 1:03pm,
that was feel good to me. Guess I'm cynical by nature...hang on...

12/17/2003 1:38pm,
ha ha

12/17/2003 4:19pm,
Ouch, that sucks.

I feel for her

1/04/2004 2:20pm,
She got it back.

1/04/2004 4:30pm,
why would you pass **** around? what the hell is wrong with you?

1/04/2004 7:27pm,
Yeah, the medal was returned.
Then a week later one of the national female basketballers got her olympic medals stolen out of her house and is making the same plea for them to be returned.

Medal stealing is apparently all the rage now...