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12/16/2003 12:56pm,
Promoter plans to stage hockey-fighting tourney

December 15, 2003

The old joke goes: I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. Well, it isn't a joke anymore for one sports promoter.

Get ready for Darryl Wolski's pay-per-view hockey-fighting tournament. Wolski is planning an event in which brawls will last one to two minutes and judges will designate winners. The master enforcer will earn $50,000.

"People stand up when there's a fight," Wolski reasoned in a Winnipeg Sun interview.

Wolski has received an encouraging response from TV distributors such as DirecTV. He plans to round up 50 to 100 fighters for the "Hockey Gladiators" show he wants to hold next summer or fall in Grand Forks, N.D.

But Wolski warned against non-hockey brawlers' chances of being the ultimate goon: "You can be the best street fighter in the world, and you can get destroyed in a hockey fight because you have no balance."

Of course, there's always the turtle position if all else fails.

Detroit Free Press, Carlos Monarrez

12/16/2003 12:58pm,
Heard about this on the radio, but this was all I found with google.

Supposedly more firmed up: double elimination 64 participants and picked up by multiple pay-per-view providers.

More of the butterbean trend?

12/16/2003 12:59pm,

Deadpan Scientist
12/16/2003 12:59pm,
Royce should enter. Open guard + ice skates = pwned

12/16/2003 11:03pm,
Yet another aspect of the "STREET" to deal with...

12/16/2003 11:31pm,
This isn't the STREET. There is no glass or lava around.

12/16/2003 11:54pm,
Yeeeessss. Another aspect of fighting. With hockey sticks.

12/16/2003 11:55pm,
If you turtle, you're likely to get a skate in the back.