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10/15/2008 9:53pm,
I got a huge text display saying that I had never posted here and I should introduce myself, so:

I've always been interested in MA. When I was a little kid I did Isshinryu Karate. This was in like 1988 or 1989. Then I took some years off. Then I got interested in kung fu. When UFC came around I resisted the obvious advantage of groundfighting and thought instead if I practiced my kung fu harder and secret stuff like iron palm and iron body I could beat them...

...one day after being completely schooled by beginners at an MMA dojo, I finally saw the light. I trained there for a while and learned more in my first month than in my previous YEARS of study. But then I had to move and couldn't train there anymore. Oh well.

Oh, about the time I started getting into MMA I also started lifting weights and competed in a PL meet a few years ago at a weight of 162.

So that's me.

edit - I still think ninjas are awesome :D In fact the whole reason I'm here now was because I just watched Mythbusters Ninja special part 2. lol.

10/15/2008 9:54pm,
BULL RUSH ON IronFist!!!

10/15/2008 9:56pm,
What's an OmegaBot and why did it bullrush me?

10/15/2008 10:24pm,
Beware the bots! They're like pungi-stick traps that come out of a bamboo screened false-cieling, ninja style.

10/16/2008 10:42am,
Beware the bots! They're like pungi-stick traps that come out of a bamboo screened false-cieling, ninja style.

Ooh, I love ninjas!

10/16/2008 10:52am,
IronFist, Welcome,

Can I really say "Welcome" to someone who has registered so long ago? You must have set some sort of record for longest lurk ever! Wonder if you can get a tag for that.

Can you feel the Ninja love in this place? I think there are many here who hide their throwing stars with their other items of shame, but they are here. Just read the reverse of what anyone says here in to their post.

" Ninjas suck" should be translated as "I am a closet Ninja, and every halloween I go out who I really feel I am."

See you on the threads.

10/16/2008 10:58am,
Ninjas give me boners.

10/16/2008 11:05am,
Ninjas give me boners.

Bullshido Bable translator therefore says.

(Literal) "Bonners me give Ninjas" Or in Modern English "I dance for Ninjas"

You could also do the same for Kung Fu on Bullshido, if you still harbor a crush on KF.

You will have lots of chances for practice here!

10/16/2008 2:28pm,
Ninjas give me boners.

You sir are a sick individual unit but I must admit , I got to like ya anyway. What the hell does that say about me ?:bduh:

Snake Plissken
10/16/2008 2:37pm,
I am working on my response.

Look forward to it in 2012.

10/16/2008 2:39pm,
Welcome to the party Ironfist. Two drink minimum, and remember not to disturb Lebell if he's sleeping. Because he isn't really sleeping.

10/16/2008 3:53pm,
leave me alone!
i just had the wildest dream!

i was in this clothing store trying on new clothes, suddenly one of the shop employees, a nice busty pinay girl rips open the curtain and asks if she can be of any assistance!

god..now ill never know what she meant by that.

10/16/2008 4:43pm,
She meant that your belt and shoes didn't match. But don't worry about it. You'll keep having the same dream, I'm sure.

10/16/2008 4:43pm,
Welcome to BS.
You have no idea how much effort it took not to respond with "lurk more noob"

10/16/2008 4:58pm,
You certainly don't need to worry about your signal-to-noise ratio...


Lurking for 4 years is a little creepy,

in a stalker-esque kind of a way,

but, then, we have several creepy people around here already.

(See post 12)

Holy Moment
10/16/2008 5:31pm,
Wow. Most people who lurk for four years and don't post usually only pop up to post some asinine **** in threads they necroed. I call it "Investment Trolling".