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10/04/2008 9:52pm,
Sorry to post this here, I didn't think this belonged in MABS because there are no names mentioned and it seems just to be an internet scam.

However this really bothered me.


On the first page I found it asks for your email address, after that you are viewing the page above.

"SMASH!!! A Bottle Breaks On The Pavement 10 Feet Behind You In The Dark Alley... You Look Back And Realize Two Thugs Are Gaining On You..."
"Do You Have The Muay Thai Skills To Defend Yourself Against These 2 Trained Killers Who Have Weapons?"After this "story" it follows on to say the story you are about to read can and will happen to you if you don't read this guys website.
This is the first thing which really incited my interest, I mean that's just fear tactics.
After he has gone on trying to scare people, his website follows on with,

"These are the secrets that can take any person at any level... and launch you into a whole new world of amazing skills that will leave others slack-jawed. You wanna put a kicking combination on an opponent so fast you can't see your legs move... and yet never miss a target (on your opponents body), even while you're using the kind of power most people fear? You wanna punch with so much nasty power and lazar focused accuracy that your opponent will remember you for the rest of his miserable, pain filled life? You want the kind of personal power that will earn instant respect...

And you wanna be able to begin using your new skills tonight, in the heat of your next or first encounter? ----- Or be able to beat down the next jack-ass who tries to be funny and impress his friends by trying to rough you up? "
You read correctly, no training needed...
Anyway the person this guy claims to have leant from is a Mr X

I trained with one of the most notorious, deadly and lethal martial arts insiders in the world. Will call him Mr. X for now... He's been called the "secret weapon" behind some of the great masters' alive
This is what really got to me

Mr. X is now one of the most sought-after (and expensive) trainers around! Because he can take a raw 21-year-old kid... and have him doing 2 minute long Muay Thai combinations in just a few weeks. Vicious, deadly and someone you don't want to meet on the street on in the ring.

Everyone who comes up against you from this day forward will need to see a trauma psychologist to help them deal with the flash-backs and pain filled memories from pissing you off

Your suddenly the Muay Thai guru in your town. Other guys will wanna go home and burn their training clothes, training movies and 'hero posters' in frustration and shame. You will own anyone who comes within 10 feet of you no matter how 'bad' they think they are... They will be brought to their knees in pain or fear or both...
The thing is that I put a fair bit of effort into Thai boxing, and I train with a fantastic instructor. His most experienced fighter has won 46 out of 52 fights.

I have not become "Vicious, deadly and someone you don't want to meet on the street or in the ring." and it is ridiculous that someone can claim this after just watching a few videos.
Do you guys see a lot of this kind of stuff on the internet?

Anyway rant over, sorry if I have bored anyone.

Marc Spector
10/04/2008 11:07pm,
If you fall for corny **** like that, you deserve what you get. Nuff said.

10/05/2008 12:14am,
This is boilerplate for a certain segment of MA marketing. Disgusting but very common.

MJ Dougherty
10/05/2008 1:08am,
I want this guy's cardio routine!

Take the average 20 year old, and in a couple of weeks he's capable of launching a 2-minute combination (Exactly how badass are you if you're still pounding on someone after 2 whole minutes? or are these just really really s-l-o-w combinations? Inquiring minds want to know). Never mind the ultimate badassness, this guy has found the holy grail of cardio training.

Or maybe a bad copywriter with no grip on reality.

Sadly people fall for this crap. 'It's hard work and it hurts a lot' just doesn't pull them in like the Muay Thai Badass pitch....

10/05/2008 2:51pm,
Its always so odd to see people propose that the solution to two armed attacker is an unarmed response. If you want to defend yourself against armed attackers but don't want to train, you should be in the market for a weapon.

10/05/2008 5:18pm,
This is ****-tarded. Stop shitting up my discipline damn it.

Has anyone else noticed that as MMA becomes more and more popular you start seeing the same ads claiming "teh real RBSD/Pankration/Vale Tudo/BJJ/MMA/SanDa/Boxing" that would normally be sporting Aiki-something, CQC (army RBSD) or some really abstract and flamboyantly named style of Karate or Juijitsu.

MJ Dougherty
10/05/2008 5:28pm,
Well, ads that say 'it's hard work and it hurts sometimes' don't bring in hordes of students for some reason. I can't fathom why.

I would like to see some of these people prosecuted under Trades Descriptions or maybe 'outright lies in advertising' but it won't happen soon. In fields that people understand, like cars and such, obvious lies get exposed and the false advertising is punished.

'This family saloon goes at 300 mph' - err, no it doesn't.
'This performance car gets 600 miles to the gallon' - nope.

But since the mainstream of society don't understant MA or SD, people can get away with obvious lies in advertising and there's no common body of knowledge to use as a yardstick to examine ads against. Well, there is, but it's places like here that it's found rather than in the minds of the people watching for fraudulent ads.

Someday, maybe.

I wonder, would it be possible to create a list of expert witnesses to assist in cases against folks like that? Not that anyone will bring one anytime soonl, but we can live in hope.