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12/14/2003 10:12pm,
underrated foods:

1. chicken teriyaki at the mall. made hot and fresh as you wait, and contains a balanced meal of protein, carbs, and veggies. also you can double the meat for 99 cents extra.

2. beef chow fun. i've eaten this dish in dives across new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, and beyond. can't go wrong with beef chow fun, even in the worst chinese takeout places.

3. medium rare steak. it's a crime to cook a good steak any more than this.

4. salmon and sea bass. the most delicious fish.

5. mcdonald's chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce and apple pie. everyone gets BBQ sauce, but sweet and sour is better, i think.

6. chinese buffets. some of these places are much better than most chinese restaurants, and some have complimentary sushi bars as well. i even went to a place that had served peking duck as you waited. it's well worth the money.

7. italian sorbet. i had some sorbets in nice that were extraordinary. the most amazing thing was that the sorbet was soft yet firm enough so that they crafted a rose out of each ice cream cone, with petals made from scoups of sorbet made with a flat utensil.

8. wiener schnitzel. it's damn good.

9. norwegian goat cheese.

10. bruschetta.

11. freshly baked bread.

12. freshly baked cookies.


1. tandoori oven meats. every piece of meat i've ever had that came out of a tandoori oven has been dry and overcooked. i don't know what is so great about them.

2. expensive french cuisine. i know a guy that spent $800 in one meal. it may have been a customized 12 course tasting menu paired with wines, but there is no way food should cost that much.

3. payard chocolates. they're $50 a pound and not that good. leonidas pralines are half the price and fifty times as good. the chocolate cakes and pastries at payard are divine though, every bit worth their reputation.

4. paella in america. every paella i've ever had in this country was utter crap compared to paella in spain.

5. cheese. with a few notable exceptions, i despise fancy cheeses.

6. extra-virgin olive oil. the flavor is quite strong and only suitable for things like salads or bruschetta where it is one of the main flavors, rather than the base.

7. salad. salad may be a great diet food, but lettuce is mostly water. the fiber and nutritional content of salad is highly overrated, in my opinion. i prefer to sautee young vegetables in olive oil with salt and pepper.

12/14/2003 10:20pm,
mcnuggets (tm)
animal organs

monkey brain

Tcp/Ip Man
12/14/2003 10:28pm,
Most overrated:
Steak Tartar
Wolfgang-Puck restaurants

Most underrated:

12/14/2003 11:38pm,
Over: hamburger

Under: Tabasco

12/15/2003 2:07am,
Over: Pizza
Egg rolls
cheesy burritos

fried plantains
cold shredded jellyfish

12/15/2003 4:15am,
Overrated: Anything with Soy in it (including tofu)
Most Italian food

Underrated: Nakjibokum (ask Wastrel about this one) - it's mighty tasty
Pickled Eggs
Good ol' fashioned Alaskan split pea soup

12/15/2003 11:21am,
Overrated - whey

Underrated - Casein

12/15/2003 11:26am,
Overrated - Nipples n whipped cream
Underrated - muff pie with chantilly

12/15/2003 11:51am,
Overrated - whey

Underrated - Casein

Go casein! Go Met-rx and muscle milk!

...Chicken mcnuggets are underrated? i didn't realize you guys were so fond of GROUND CHICKEN SKINS.

12/15/2003 2:13pm,
pizza is definitely over rated

Deadpan Scientist
12/15/2003 2:16pm,
Kiflings are underrated.

12/15/2003 2:19pm,
fondue and kibeh are underrated