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12/14/2003 1:19pm,
Who is general/captain Yang Man-ch'un? All I know of him is that he is a Korguryo Commander of Anshi fortress that successfully defeated the 300,000 strong Tang army with 50,000 men (most of them peasents with rakes and rocks). Is he a brilliant strategist? Is he a great warrior? What did he do after Korguryo was conquered by the Tang/Shilla alliance only few years later?

I've searched the internet, it doesn't mention him much and not many koreans know him. I'm curious of his history.

The Wastrel
12/14/2003 1:32pm,
Never heard of him. Eul-Ji Mun-Dok...heard of him...Yi Sun Shin...duh....Yang Man-Ch'un...Nope.

Give me some time. What are your sources by the way?

12/14/2003 1:47pm,
The websites i've found doesn't explain him much.



You would have to search pretty far to find his name in the articles, and in the last link the world Anshi is spelled an-shih. I first found out about him from my realitives and tried to research him.

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