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9/26/2008 11:08am,
I am thinking of letting my 10 year old son take a martial arts class next Summer. Does anyone have a suggestion as to which martial arts would be good? I want him to have the ability to defend himself, practically-speaking.

Thank you in advance! :)

9/26/2008 11:09am,
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9/26/2008 11:12am,
Most BJJ schools have kids classes as does Judo.

I took Judo from age 9-11, and I still remember some of it 30 years later.

boondock lee
9/26/2008 11:42am,
Oh boy.......

Have you checked out the schools in your area? Its a good idea to be familiar with your options. It is recommended that you keep an eye out for BJJ, Judo, MMA, boxing, Muay thai, Sanda, kyokushin karate, don't write off any other karate or kung fu schools until you investigated them.

Do you have any martial arts experience?

9/26/2008 11:51am,
Judo! It's incredibly effective, it's an olympic sport, and kids seem to really enjoy it, and tons of sparring and live training. Plus, most importantly, it's usually very cheap.

9/26/2008 12:01pm,
My kid takes JJ at his school and he loves it. You need to check out the schools in your area and find out what they offer for kids. If you have any MA experience, that should help you in your search. Visit these schools and see what they have to offer

9/26/2008 12:32pm,
a: wrestling. b: judo. c: bjj or sambo.

can you tell i think kids should learn how to grapple?

9/26/2008 1:06pm,
I would suggest avoiding a contract( esp. if cheap is an issue and I know it is for me) I agree grappling is good for children, Because if they are accosted at school and they can subdue the assailant by a pin or restraint without bloodying him/her the Teacher/administration can be more understanding. And the bully will not be so quick to come back. Good luck.

9/26/2008 1:09pm,

End of story.

Judo is cheap, effective, can be played for life, and has real life self defense applicability.

What more do you need?

9/26/2008 1:12pm,
Add another vote for Judo.

9/26/2008 1:15pm,
The list looks the same for adults as kids. As it should.

9/26/2008 1:41pm,
There seems to be a pretty strong concensus.

Grappling arts are easier for kids to do safely & productively but if your kid is 10 then a striking art would probably be ok.

I agree Judo is the best place to start. BJJ is also good. Once your kid is in middle school wrestling becomes more available & would be an excellent choice.

For Striking: you can't go wrong with boxing. Muay Thai is pretty good too.

If you can find a good kids & tweens MMA program you'd get the best of both worlds (grappling & striking).

9/26/2008 9:16pm,
I took Tang Soo Do for a few months about 25 years ago, so I practically know nothing about martial arts. Any that I did know, I've promptly forgotten. But I want something that can basically help teach my son how to defend himself, as well as how to have fun with it.

I will do research into local Judo options. Thank you! :)

9/26/2008 9:56pm,
sign him up for the school wrestling team, on top of all the other advantages its free, and if he gets INSANELY good, it will pay for his college

9/27/2008 2:38pm,
Add yet another vote for Judo, but for a different reason - break falls. Now there's a useful skill.

There's lots of time to learn striking later.

9/27/2008 2:58pm,
Judo, boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, good Kickboxing.

Something they can compete in, keeps them interested.