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The Wastrel
12/13/2003 11:44pm,
Despair not, for though the Wastrel has indeed, as rumor tells it, purchased a diamond engagement ring, he still has two younger brothers who are only marginally less ausgezeichnet than he.

The proverbial "question" as it is known, will be posed at approximately midnight of December 31, 2003. The location will be somewhere along Asilomar Beach or possibly at the beach in front of the Naval Postgrduate School in Monterey, CA.

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen. I am upgrading the fembot.

The funny thing is...She has no idea!!

However, the vengeful eye pokes that she has been known to inflict on all beyotches who step to her man will become more deadly.

Beware wenches! And that means you Deus!

12/13/2003 11:49pm,
Congratulations!!! The shall be some weepin' and gnashin' of teeth tonite!!

Do you think all of Bullshido can keep the secret?

(And I'm getting the tatoo removed...)

The Wastrel
12/13/2003 11:51pm,
The fembot is not configured for internet use.

12/13/2003 11:54pm,
Marriage = less time for Bullshido.com

The Wastrel
12/13/2003 11:56pm,
End of finals=More time for Bullshido.com

12/14/2003 12:50am,
congatulations wastrel

deus ex machina
12/14/2003 1:46am,
You knowz youse my only hoe.

Deadpan Scientist
12/14/2003 2:26am,
Good luck man, you know you'll always have me, IGBJJs, and deus to fall back on.

12/14/2003 2:27am,
Congratulations :)

12/14/2003 2:45pm,
Good luck!

12/14/2003 3:32pm,
Congrats! Marraige, it's not just an adventure, it's a job.

And on a side note (from Phrost's encyclopedia of useless information), "the Vapors" was an expression used by southern women in the 19th century to communicate that they had gas.

12/14/2003 3:33pm,
Vapors---I was thinking it but didn't want to say it! Saw that on Little House on the Prairie years ago!

12/14/2003 3:36pm,
Another one bites the dust.

Congrats man.

12/14/2003 4:43pm,

12/14/2003 4:46pm,
Fear not!

Median duration of marriage: 7.2 years

Percentage of first marriages that end in divorce: 50%

The Wastrel
12/14/2003 5:00pm,
Well. We've been together for seven years now, and living together for two.