View Full Version : Oops, your arm is broken Mr. Carjacker.

12/13/2003 9:53pm,
From: http://www.ardmoreite.com/stories/121003/loc_carjacking.shtml

And the moral of this story is: Don't be fooled by a relaxing "old" man kicked back with his boots off. Especially if that "old" man happens to be Pat Ratliff of Lone Grove.

That's the first mistake a Dallas carjacking team made a few days ago while scouting a parking lot for an easy mark. At 83, Ratliff can strike one as an easy mark.

"They shouldn't have done that," Ratliff remarked about the totally unexpected attack.

A red-headed woman and gun-toting male companion had the element of surprise on their side. That advantage didn't account for Pat's cool approach to just about any situation and his reputation as "the man who tears quarters with his bare fingers."

Ratliff was only momentarily surprised when the woman appeared by the driver's door and began hitting him with her purse for no apparent reason. The reason became clear moments later when a man stuck a gun inside from the opposite side.

Being the alert type and an individual who's "been through a lot of stuff," Ratliff immediately began looking for an opportunity. He was ready when the man glanced away.

"I grabbed his arm and broke it over the door," Ratliff said of his response, speaking literally. "The bone was sticking from his arm. I was trying to teach him a lesson."

12/13/2003 10:01pm,
That's even funnier than the carjacking scene in Gone in 60 seconds.

12/13/2003 11:19pm,
That'll learn 'em...durn 'em!!

12/13/2003 11:25pm,
Good on him !!! A pack of cowards try to steal from an 83 year old man. I love stories like these. It helps inspire strength in us all.

12/14/2003 12:59pm,
They deserved that.

12/14/2003 1:04pm,
sweet, i wish i had a grandad like that

12/14/2003 1:05pm,
Old man breaking arms and kicking ass.!! Get that man a stripper and a cig.

12/14/2003 1:13pm,
"They deserved that."

Second the motion!

12/14/2003 9:08pm,
HHAHAHA Excellent!!!

Tap out of that one you robbing bitch!

McDojo Artist
12/16/2003 7:06am,
Guess that ol´ amercan asswhoopin´ still works the best, huh?

12/16/2003 7:18am,
LOL, Brilliant.

12/16/2003 7:31am,
YEHAWW !!!!!!!!!

12/16/2003 9:31am,
That is fucking awesome ^_^

He's my hero!!!