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Tango M.F.
9/24/2008 11:13am,
I had a little experience with a “street fighter” this weekend.

No, I didn’t get in a fight (I haven’t been in a fight outside of training since high-school). Instead I was able to observe a self-proclaimed “street fighter” at the gym, wailing away at a punching bag like he was trying out for the position of “poster-boy for everything you’re not supposed to do in kickboxing.”

Our local YMCA happens to have a little tiny room with a little tiny speed bag and just enough room to circle around their sagging heavy-bag. Since I’m at the Y anyways for strength training a few times a week, I usually hit the bag as a warm-up (I do the majority of my bag-work at work, which awesomely has a heavy-bag in its gym).

As I came into the gym, I didn’t see anyone using the boxing room, so I grabbed my gloves and wraps out of my bag and made my way to hit the bag. Unfortunately in the minute or two it took to get ready someone else had taken over the room – and the usual etiquette is for only one person in the boxing room at a time.

To kill some time I started stretching and watching the guy now occupying the heavy bag. With only red wraps on his hands he squared up about a meter and a half from the bag, ran towards it with his right hand up and threw everything he had into an overhand right. I thought he broke his hand. He did this a few more times before he, apparently satisfied, left the room.

Now that it was my turn to use the boxing room I wrapped up and started hitting the speed bag – one two, switch, one two, switch…. ignoring that the guy from before just came back into the room and was now whaling away at the bag.

When I was done I watched his technique for a while. The first thing I thought was, “this guys going to really hurt himself.” Followed by, “I would love to box this guy.”

His hands were down around his hips, he was throwing haymakers and pushing them into the bag with all his might without snapping the back, he leaned so far into his punches that I thought he would fall over with his head and neck bolt-upright with his chin high in the air. He made no attempt at head movement or footwork, just slamming his awkward Chuck Liddell-on crack punches a few at a time before getting winded and quitting.

As he quit (after about 30 seconds) he turned to me and asked if I want to use the bag. I did, and after a three-minute round I sat back down, sweating profusely and annoyed with my lack of cardio and technique, as I am coming off a bad shoulder injury.

The other guy was nevertheless pretty stoked on my boxing and started asking me about my experience. When I replied that I’d been doing Muay Thai for a few years he got really excited and exclaimed that, “I love My Tai! It’s the closest thing to street fighting. Me, I learned how to fight on the streets!”

And to punctuate his point he threw the slowest, most awkward side kick I’d ever seen at the bag.

Now, I'm pretty shitty at kickboxing and martial arts in general, but god-damn, that was some terrible, terrible **** right there. I can't imagine this guy surviving long if that's how someone fights on the street.

I did another round, but left once Mr. Street Fighter started kicking the bag again with a nasty-as-**** giant open sore on his shin.

Oh, and he was kicking the bottom of the bag, full force as if to kick it in the nuts.

So just a warning for all of you revilers and partakers in the late-night festivities in beautiful Victoria, B.C. If you ever get into a quarrel or exchange or words with a steely-eyed, haggard-shinned street fighter, be prepared for the slowest, most awkward looking kicks and punches this side of Timmy Silvia. Aimed directly at your testicles.

9/24/2008 11:21am,
They have street fighters in Victoria? I mean, I've seen homeless people with "Will Work 4 weed" signs, but street fighters?

Tango M.F.
9/24/2008 11:31am,
They have street fighters in Victoria? I mean, I've seen homeless people with "Will Work 4 weed" signs, but street fighters?

Heh. It was probably the same guy.

9/24/2008 11:31am,
Oh I know that type.
One day...
guys come in the gum*
-Hey who's the trainer here?
-I'm the instructor, why?
-We wanna spar!
-Really, well what kind of training do you guys have?
oneguy:I did boxing.
-O rly? How much did you train?
one guy: 1 week or so.
-HAHAHA get the **** out of my gum!