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12/13/2003 2:56pm,
This was posted on another forum. I say we get a group together and have a little vigilante rope party for these two!

2 karate teachers charged with rape

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The Courier-Journal

Two karate instructors, a man and a woman, were arrested yesterday and charged with several counts of rape and sodomy involving two girls who at the time were 13-year-old karate students.

Richard McKinney Woodard III, 38, owner of Richard's Karate Academy, 7275 Dixie Highway, was charged with six counts of second-degree rape and seven counts of second-degree sodomy.

Lori Marie Franklin, 37, who police said was Woodard's girlfriend and an instructor at his school, faces four counts of second-degree rape and two counts of second-degree sodomy.

They both live in the 7700 block of Brookview Drive.

Woodard and Franklin were head instructors at the school and often spent time alone with their students, such as on trips to tournaments, said Detective Leigh Whelan of the Louisville Metro Police Crimes Against Children Unit.

The alleged crimes occurred approximately two years ago.

"Both children described these abuses as having happened over a period of time," Whelan said.

Whelan said police interviewed several students during the monthlong investigation and found their statements helped corroborate the accounts of the two girls.

Richard's Karate Academy closed about two weeks ago, Whelan said.

Franklin, who also works at the Louisville Medical Center Credit Union, was arrested outside her workplace at 130 Medical Towers South at 3:45 p.m. yesterday.

Her bond was set at $35,000.

Woodard was arrested five minutes later at the corner of Broadway and Brook Street.

His bond was set at $50,000.

The two were indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday.

The charges are all second-degree because no force was used.

Police are investigating whether other children may have been molested. Anyone with information is asked to call the Crimes Against Children Unit at 574-2465.
UPDATE: I contacted the reporter for this article and he gave me some websites about these people. Check them out.




12/13/2003 3:04pm,
Yeah!! Where's my stones?? Did you pull this from the News...or another forum outside of Bullshido?

12/13/2003 3:09pm,
Originally posted by blankslate
Yeah!! Where's my stones?? Did you pull this from the News...or another forum outside of Bullshido?

I got it from ebudo.com. Here's a link to the thread.


12/13/2003 3:16pm,
Thanks I just posted this in the News last night...this molestation stuff is becoming an everyday story.

12/13/2003 3:20pm,
*grabs baseball bat and drives a nail into it*

Let's ride pilgrams.

Seriously, we can put down diseased animals, why not humans?

12/13/2003 4:06pm,
this molestation stuff is becoming an everyday story.
It is an everyday story... it happens so often that it's frightening. Half of all women are sexually abused in some way by the time they are 18

12/13/2003 4:10pm,
Originally posted by Shadowofravenwolf
*grabs baseball bat and drives a nail into it*

Let's ride pilgrams.

Seriously, we can put down diseased animals, why not humans?

Nah..i'm sure his sodomizing is awaiting him in prison. We wouldn't want him to miss that.

12/13/2003 4:22pm,
The problem with the pedophile stuff is that it's enough someone to be CALLED one & everyone wants to kill him... In other crimes you'd at least need some kind of evidence.

The guilty ones should be punished, of course, & HARSHLY, but the hysterical mania around this stuff scares me almost as much as the actual deeds...

& No I'm not siding with that guy, or anyone else, but if you'd really want to **** someone's life up... Just call them a pedophile... & that's it; whether it's true or not, they're dead...

UK residents might have more info on this, but I think at least it was claimed that a mob beat a pediatrician to a pulp at one point...

12/13/2003 4:51pm,
LLL is right. It is frightening how many innocent people's lives were ruined by charges of date rape, sexual harrasment, etc. If these people are found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, then good luck to them in the assfuck penetentery. However, as of right now, they have not been found guilty of anything. And accusing people of child molestation is the current latest and greates fad that took over from workplace sexual harrasment and date rape.

Ice Queen
12/13/2003 4:58pm,
Isn't there a way to check and see if your childs teacher is a registered sex offender? And if so why aren't more parents doing so b4 sending their kids off to these people? Chop it off and let fall where it may, is what I say. Screw a kid, get screwed yourself.

12/13/2003 4:58pm,
HAPKO is correct.

12/13/2003 5:01pm,
And so is LLL ;)

Ice Queen
12/13/2003 5:02pm,
Sad but true Hapko. However-you can't say it's a fad. It might be that more people are not willing to stand around and be hurt and harmed anymore. You never know, even if they are found guilty.

12/13/2003 5:19pm,
The worst part is that these things are proving Kungfools right.

I could see actually hitting someone being turned into abuse, which really hurts the martial arts.

12/13/2003 6:47pm,
I don't know outside of the USA, but if you go to your states website there should be a link to The sexual predator database. I know Montana has one..I have it book marked.

A Parker Kempo pervert/instructor (twice convicted) that used to teach locally is listed on there. He got nailed two years ago molesting a 12 yr old boy. 1st offense was in Washington. Why he isn't in prison, I have no clue. He still lives in hte area, but no longer teaching.

I agree with you people, these two aren't "convicted" yet, just accused..and yes, even the accusation can ruin a person forever..which is sad.

Beneath Contempt
12/13/2003 8:02pm,
Re: United Kingdom

LLL - you are not 100% right. There was an attempt a couple of years back to bring in a Megan's Law kind of thing, which was resisted by law makers.

A national tabloid newspaper took it upon itself to publish names and photographs of sex offenders on a daily basis - as well as general regions of domicile. This caused a lot of mindless people (basically those stupid enough to be reading the paper) to form vigilante mobs that beat up a great many people who happened to have the same name as those pictures (who were in the most part smart enough to not hang around). And a local paediatrician had her surgery destroyed by arson - apparently the mob mistook "paediatrician" for "paedophile" on the brass name plate outside her office.

When you think of all the retards and imbeciles in the US. Remember - they had to come from somewhere. At least one village idiot was on the boat from Plymouth.