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9/19/2008 12:28pm,
Schools back in session,

Therefore at the local BJJ beginners class we have more people spending their tuition loan money on MA than ever before. I know this is the KMA so stay with me a second.

Okay, so I haven't been to a TKD class in over 10 years, but I faithfully do the Poomse that I remember, stretch punch and kick, and speak as much Korean as is still inside my head, as often as I can.

BJJ dojo, we are doing kicks, suppose to be MT like, but they are kicks. And precicely because they are kicks - the NooB I just meet and I am training with starts bouncing and doing a double lead leg tap kick bouncing in, and I found myself bouncing. My latent TKD instantly takes over and we start sparing TKD, instead of doing some leg grab and throw. I realized this and shut it down and try to keep from laughing. But the BB had already caught sight of us before we stop and was on his way over. The BB in disbelief asks what in the world we were doing, we apologize and laugh and some how avoided punishment.

Once we clear the air that we both had years of TKD experience we start doing the technique properly and wouldn't you know it, there was another set of partners behind us gets stopped by the BB for the very same thing!!! Bouncing and return kicks, instead of throws. Some more TKD confessions ensued and everyone outed as TKD practicioners promised to try to repress the urge. Another set of TKD cross trainers there to add a ground game to their arsenal. TKDers took over a BJJ club, even for just a few moments and I was there. Priceless.

Anyone else run into a fellow TKD by accident while cross training outside the dojang?

9/19/2008 1:42pm,
The instructor should have had you guys drug tested! (j/k) My Bjj. /Muay Thai instructor and I were sparring (stand up) and I threw a lead leg hook kick, that landed quite nicely (I might add!) and it made him laugh. later he threw an outside crescent kick witch also bounced off the side of my head and said "you're not the only one who knows a little Korean trickery" he got his start in martial arts practicing Moo Yae Do. Any way, I think those techniques landed because they were completely unexpected.

Earl Weiss
9/20/2008 9:13pm,
In 1975 an accomplished Ju Jitsu (not BJJ but traditional Ryu) came to the TKD school to improve his strikes. (My first MA in 1971 was Judo) . When we saw what he could do if he got a hold of us we started staeling whatever we could and began a weekly class. In the 1980's he began his regular class at the YMCA and some trained with him regularly, and some irregularly. In the 1990's he became head of the USJA Ju Jitsu division. Some of his senior JJ Black belts were TKD Black Belts. He approached a bunch of the TKD BBS, I think about 12 or so and asked if we would be interested in testing for BB. He said over the 15 or more years we had been with him off and on we knew about 80% of his 1st dan BB grappling curricuum and he also knew our striking was superior to what his people were capable of. About 10 of us went thru some intensive workshops to nail the rest of his curriculum.

Also did some combined TKD JJ workouts with his group. It was fun to hear them say "Well how many people out there could kick me in the head tthree times without putting their leg down like you can?"

A lot of us also spent times at the Gracie workshops when they came to town. had one opportunity to try a TKD roundhouse (side turning kick) on Rickson as part of a Q and A. would not want to try anything short of a lousville slugger on him if it were real.