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9/18/2008 11:29am,
whats up everyone? i new here. ive been trainin in some form of martial art or another for a while. i started wrestling in high school, did muay thai after that, now i train kenpo (or however else you spell/pronounce it) and BJJ and i try to learn pretty much anything else that will help. i live in oceanside CA right now and am always looking for sparring/training partners. im about 5'11" and weigh anywhere from 185-200. anyways im having a hell of a time tryin to find places to fight. i was told good luck unless i was lisencsed by CA so after runnin around for months getting physicals, mri's blood work, etc, i finally made that happen but im still having trouble getting fights. anyone have any advice? also anyone wanna do any sparring/training. anyone planning on doin the grappling x tourney in san diego next month?

9/18/2008 11:30am,
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Rene "Zendokan" Gysenbergs
9/18/2008 11:38am,
OK, first things first, what is your level/experience/rank in the arts?

Which one do you train right now? Not the ones that you trained for two years about 10 years ago.

Which type of competition would you like to do?

If you answer these questions it would be easier to find a competition for you.

9/18/2008 2:46pm,
i currently specifically train in kenpo, im sposed to test for blue belt next week (but i dont put a lot of emphasis on belts) i train in BJJ but i couldnt give you a specific belt for that becuase i dont train at a BJJ school. there is an experianced blue belt who comes in that i roll with and we're about even. i have about 10-15 lbs on him but he has a lot of experiance on me. i just took 3rd in the 205class at the august 9th grapplign x tourny in escondido and will compete again in oct in san diego. im looking for mma style fights. thanks for the help

Rene "Zendokan" Gysenbergs
9/18/2008 5:26pm,
Ok? Logan 185, the information that you give is not quiet like it should be, Kenpo is a too much generic term, blue belt, well there exist systems that got two blue belts in the kyu sylabus, second where does the BJJ blue belt train (clubname) so your level can be established.
Don’t try to boost about your knowledge and experience because that will only backfire.
If there is a Bullshido Throwdone organized in your area (sooner or later), try to attend just to come in contact with people
So I’ll give you an example that makes it more clearer and readable for us:

Martial Arts CV:
Username: Zendokan
Age: 32
Place: Leuven – Belgium

Non-Active Martial Arts:
1987 – 1998: “Old school” TaekwonDo & Hoshinsul – 1st Dan.
1993 – 1995: Freestyle (Mix of Judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, Kyokushin, Muay Thai & San Da)
1995 – 2008: MMA skillset (not certified)
2004 – 2008: Muay Thai – Junior Instructor
2008 – 2008: Renbukan Ju-Jutsu – 10th Kyu

Kyokushin (A few times between 1996 and 1998)
Savate (2005)
A few techniques from Gouquan (2007)
BJJ (late 2007)

Active Martial Arts:
1998 – present: Hapkido – 1st Dan
2008 – present: BJJ – White Belt
2008 – present: Judo – 10 th Kyu

Between 1993 and 2002:
Amateur Competitions:
Several “Open Karate Tournaments”
Several “Open Kyokushin Karate Tournament”
Several “TaekwonDo Tournaments”.
Several “Ju-Jutsu Tournaments”
One “Daido Juku Tournament”
Averige fighter ( Top 5), best result a 3rd place at a “Open Karate Tournements” in 1996
No rating on Sherdog, fcFighter, etc...

Professional Competitions:

Hope that this will help you in the future


edit: changed German Ju Jutsu into MMA skillset

9/19/2008 10:28am,
thanks for the help. believe if there is one person who knows i need work its me haha. i appreciate the info and will get back with specifics

9/19/2008 12:09pm,
2008 – present: BJJ – 10th Kyu

I'm unaware of Kyu in BJJ. Can you elaborate? Does this just indicate that you have yet to achieve rank?

Rene "Zendokan" Gysenbergs
9/19/2008 12:14pm,
I'm unaware of Kyu in BJJ. Can you elaborate? Does this just indicate that you have yet to achieve rank?

Yes, i have to achieve a rank ( being training now for 5 months, 5 hours a week), but will be out the game until januari thanks to a knee injury.
How do you discribe the pure white belt status/rank in BJJ ? I just took the japanese terminology to make the point of pure white belt.

Changed the 10th kyu into White Belt.