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12/12/2003 2:13pm,
Well i'll be goin to uni next september (i know it's a ways off but anyways) anyway the uni i want to go to is does the usuall karate and tae kwan do but i dont want to do those, but they do have this thing they call "school of martial arts"

im not gonna go into details cos u can just see the site yourself.

I'll just quote the first part of the FAQ

Question: Who and What is S.O.M.A?

Answer: S.O.M.A. stresses teaching the actual application only, of the ‘technique’ in a given, realistic situation.

It is the personal point of view by the Teacher, (Sifu), that in a real fight in a wine bar or in the street, against a ‘street fighter’ Forms/Kata/wood or brick breaking will not help you!

With S.O.M.A. therefore, you will learn the practicalities first, for use in the street or in Semi/Full Contact Tournaments.



12/12/2003 2:27pm,

more bs for the masses!

12/12/2003 2:30pm,
yeah..fernando got a point. Can't you find something off campus somewhere? I'd rather take the karate class then that s.o.m.a. stuff.

deus ex machina
12/12/2003 2:33pm,
Looks like Wing Chun to me.

12/12/2003 2:33pm,
what school are you at?

there has to be a judo club or boxing club

12/12/2003 2:33pm,
Well yeah, i could most likely find something decent in oxford. I mean i wasn't gonna just go into it, i'm actually looking more into starting jiu jitsu but i thought i'd at least take a look ahead at what the uni provided.

12/12/2003 2:36pm,
Here is the video page:

The funniset part is in the first 3 vids there seems to be a Judo class in the background! So I guess the videos did help you find a class. LOL

12/12/2003 2:42pm,
ok forget it, a quick search of jiu jitsu in oxford reveals that there is a club in the uni itself. the uni website however decides not to make it known :) ah well

12/12/2003 2:47pm,
"Ninja-Kungfu (1st Dan)" ... 'nuff said...

12/12/2003 2:48pm,
what kind of jiu jitsu?

12/12/2003 3:04pm,
ooookay, found the actuall jiu jitsu clubs website and its dire, i think i'll just steer clear of the uni when looking for a club, i'll have to just try in the city i think.

12/12/2003 3:50pm,
Just wait till you get there a lot of "Uni" classes are modified heavily from what is written down, and they also tend to change from semester to semester because of the available students and teachers. Serioulsy though the class in the background looks like a Judo club.