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9/06/2008 1:38am,
I though I would share these with you guy...and brag about my student ;)
These are 3 ten minute highlight clips from a promotion test of one of my students last weekend (Reill Bodycomb).

We don't have ranks at our club, but for those who want an instructor cert from me there are 4 required tests, 2 years apart. 4th level, 3rd, 2nd (asst. Instructor), and 1st (Instructor). This was Reilly's 3rd level test.

It involves techincal demo and fighting. One can't test if they have not won any matches/fights in tournaments/shows.

I thought you guys might find it interesting. By the time Reilly got to the fighting portion, he had just done 2.5 hours of technical demo and was beat tired. He showed real heart in the fights.

Part 1:
YouTube - NYCS Instructor Pre-Test (1 of 3) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_DXd92yy2E)
Part 2:
YouTube - NYCS Instructor Pre-Test (2 of 3) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBlL2d8CrXI)
Part 3:
YouTube - NYCS Instructor Pre-Test (3 of 3) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqoVUCLLJU4)

9/06/2008 1:49am,
why are you still up? why am I still awake? I started my day at 5:15 lol!

Anyhow, Reilly looked fvkkin6 awesome! So much heart! great job and nice to see Team Renegade kicking in big time!

9/06/2008 2:07am,
Looks nice, what is he doing in the first video @ 7:30? I can't see it.
Boy I love that throw @9:19 that looks nice

And kudos for the MMA part, that guy has some heart!

9/06/2008 2:13am,
Looks nice, what is he doing in the first video @ 7:30? I can't see it.
Boy I love that throw @9:19 that looks nice

And kudos for the MMA part, that guy has some heart!

Thase are over hand casting style punches. Right after you can see that punch as a follow up to a jab. The throw is called "odbiv". It is a standing grapevine throw. Tough fall for the guy being thrown.

Serge, I am fast asleep...you are halucinating. Get to bed.

9/06/2008 2:19am,
huh? Sleep-typing...//....wakes up in a strange place

9/06/2008 2:36am,
How long has he been doing Sambo?

Extremely sexy Steve. Well done.

9/06/2008 2:38am,
Thanks for that little intro into your world!
Looks pretty cool.



9/06/2008 3:47am,
I have a feeling that I'm about to ask a question that's been asked quite a few times before, bit here goes...

Is it common for sambo to involve that much punching and kicking, or is that just your club?

The Badger
9/06/2008 9:26am,
aewsome skills and heart

9/06/2008 9:33am,
A martial arts school that actually teaches people how to kick ass. Refreshing.

I've saw Steve and some of his guys in action at the Fighthouse during a throwdown. I wish I lived close enough to train with these guys. Good work, good vids.

9/06/2008 9:59am,
I only saw the first two words of the title and I prepared for a good laugh. YOU LET ME DOWN SIR! You really let me down. For shame....

translation: Good test and good vids. I've seen too many "tests" out there making my brain hurt that anyone could consider those a sign of technical skill. You got something going here. So keep it up.

9/06/2008 10:46am,
what really impressed me was that dead tired though he was, ur student still kept great technique while sparring. that to me proves that he is very well trained. great vids, ur student looks like a beast.

/end sambo steve nuthugging

9/06/2008 10:51am,
CrackFox: its not too common, but SAMBO isn't too common anyhow.

Technically, its Combat SAMBO rules that include strikes&etc. Basically MMA with a jacket.

We were taught a very comprehensive system by our Grandmaster...

9/06/2008 11:50am,
Thanks for all the feedback guys :)

Reilly has been with me a bit over three years.

9/06/2008 4:01pm,

Did he have any prior MA experience?

9/06/2008 8:26pm,

Did he have any prior MA experience?

Just traditional Karate before me basically. No practical fighting training or grappling of any serious level.