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9/05/2008 10:03am,
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The Shock Doctors (hereafter referred to as SDs) are remarkably comfortable. Compared to the bulkier groin guard, they are less restrictive of your hip mobility, and the bioflex cup is far more comfortable against your abdomen than the jock strap, due to the softer gel rim.

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The only other gi I have is the ATAMA gold weave, so all the comparisons I make will be to that model. The platinum is alot softer than my ATAMA (which is why I gave a 10 on material), and the skirt of it felt a little fitter around my waist than the ATAMA.

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When I purchased this product I was looking for a smaller timer I could use when working out at home or at the gym. For $19.99 I could not pass up on this little thing.

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The minute you open the bag of a shureido and feel the fabric you know its the real deal. The Shureido TK-10 is made of No. 10 Japanese Cotton Canvas, the weight of it is perfect its not too heavy and not too light, it gives incredible snap with every punch and every kick.

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