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X Saint
8/25/2008 2:12pm,

My name is Cedric and am 37 years old.

I always wanted to get into MA, but life got in the way, untill the end of last year when I could no longer stand to see a belly forming hehehe.

I live on the Island of Galveston, of the Texas Coast and found a TKD place close to my house.
Master Robbles teaches a Jhoon Rhee style TKD with boxing influences ( he had training from Jhoon Rhee and was himself a kickboxer and boxer before that).

I am enjoying myself and getting rid of that belly, getting more flexible ( if not those high kicks will tear you in 2 lol) and getting in shape.
The sparring is great .
One of the sparring instructors is Regina Thompson, a very good female fighter, I feel very fortunate to be able to see her in action up close and sparr with her!

I have read some threads on this forum recently and I have some questions about the Jhoon Rhee style TKD that I am practising, so I decided to sign up and investigate!

Good to meet you all.

8/25/2008 2:13pm,
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8/25/2008 2:49pm,

Just one thing, you mean TKD, right? Not that spelling is more important than training.

Good luck and have fun!

X Saint
8/25/2008 2:52pm,
lol, yea TKD of course, will update my post and thanks for pointing it out.

I am know reading the thread: Why do you no longer train TKD.
There seems to be a lot of negative things about it on these forums.
Still reading up!

X Saint

8/25/2008 2:53pm,