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8/24/2008 7:13pm,
Yo guys i just went to my first mma class today for three hours... I was really happy about it it was great. Im exhausted we worked on striking first and i sparred wit this big dude. Then we rolled for like an hour and a half then they worked wit me on some techniques like arm-bars chicken wings and triangle choke. I loved it but anyways just thought i would post up about it...

ps. i over extended my elbow and it kept getting arm barred...so its hurtin i think its just strained. Is that normal? Hopefully i can go again wednesday.

8/24/2008 7:14pm,
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8/25/2008 5:14am,
a three hours class! and it was your first class! are you sure you're not starting too fast?

what's your typical training before this MMA lesson?

about your elbow: overextention could happen... try to figure out if that was a result of the hard training or maybe if it's due to your lack of training or wrong kind of sparring.

if you tell the name of your mma school maybe some out there cuold help you....
...oh, welcome to Bullshido!

8/25/2008 5:25pm,
well I may have over trained. Go to physical training forum and check out my post in there on my current work out routine. I did that for a bout 2 months before i ever went to this class. And I am only sore today where i hurt my elbow and my neck is sore. So i guess i am in pretty good shape. They said i had really good wind and muscle endurance. They said most first timers dont make it near that far. So Im not sure but since im not sore in any other areas i may not have over trained but idk. what do yall think

ps. I notice you have your styles posted. Somehow it seems i cant do this on my profile settings? How did you do it/?

8/26/2008 3:57am,
Click on the hyperlink "jheers11" then "Profile"

8/26/2008 6:36am,
didnt mean do go off subject. but yeah i have...maybe my browser is just having trouble viewing the style settings or something. it is saying somethin bout javascript error