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8/24/2008 6:33pm,
Hello everybody,

I'm new to the forum and I'm wondering what you'd say is the most powerful martial art to combine to judo for distance strikes

ps: I enjoy throwing punches

8/24/2008 6:34pm,
Welcome to Bullshido, the best Martial Arts forum on the entire Internet, grandeManuel. Seriously, you won't regret your choice to join us. We're a great bunch of folks, except for Hannibal. And Sirc. And TaiGip. And MMA Kid. And... well, you get the point.

8/24/2008 6:42pm,
This mainly depends on what is available in your area, there is no use for us to suggest any art if you can't train it.
I say you are served well with MT,Boxing, KB, TKD/Karate in no specific order. Every are having it pro and cons. I say go for MT if you can because they make use of the in fight and clinch so you can transition easier to throws from there.

Just my two cents

Scott Larson
8/24/2008 7:50pm,
For MMA, or something else?

8/24/2008 8:13pm,
for self-defense or if you have to defend someone out there on the street, potentially with multiple attackers

8/24/2008 8:53pm,
What MA would Judo work well with? - No BS Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=74589)

read that thread.