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8/24/2008 2:21pm,
Just moved to Asheville, NC. Thinking about branching out to new styles. Previously trained in Kenpo, Kuk Sool Won and Hapkido. Have lots of injuries, so what to start light and build back up. No offence meant, but I'd prefer and Asian instructor.

If anyone can recommend a school or gym, that's be great.


8/24/2008 2:22pm,
Welcome aboard, dareddy! The Bullshido staff would welcome you personally, but the thing is they’re busy keeping the peace, so they’ve apointed me, a bot, to pat you on the back and assure you that in no way will you be harmed during your stay here at BS.net. Your views on the martial arts, your philosphy, maybe even your entire reason for being will be challenged, shattered, reorganized, melted down, and forged into something new and shiny, but we swear it will only hurt a little bit… at first.

8/24/2008 4:37pm,
i train at alliance jiu jitsu in charlotte and they have a great bjj program i hear they might be building something out in asheville, if they havent already.

8/24/2008 4:41pm,
No offense taken, but why the Asian Instructor? By Asian, do you mean born in Asia or Asian descent? Just curious.

8/24/2008 7:51pm,
Reasoning being...I've trained under Asian born, who spoke little English but taught well and pushed me when I needed to be pushed. I've also trained under not-asian born/descent and both times found that I didn't get the push I needed and/or I was surrounded by students who didn't understand discipline as the instructers didn't show the students how to earn and/or give respect.

10/01/2008 4:38pm,
Are you looking for traditional martial arts training? Or something more combative, (like MMA)?

I'm in Asheville, so I can point you in the right direction. :)

10/01/2008 5:47pm,

10/01/2008 6:23pm,
A good instructor will teach you how to push yourself.