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8/22/2008 8:42pm,
If I buy a sling shot from this company www.lducompany.com (http://www.lducompany.com) will it be ok to make it into the states? It would be coming from China. I have a friend in Australia who wants me to order one for him because he does not have paypal but I am worried that the slingshot will not make it through Australian customs. This LDU company says that they guarantee delivery to Australia for slingshots but I would like to learn some things so here I am asking. Here is the address to the guaranteed sling shot delivered to Australia for my friend http://www.liangdianup.com/inventory/271201AUS.htm but there is no talk about slingshots shipping to the USA if they are guaranteed or not for delivery.

8/22/2008 8:43pm,
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8/22/2008 9:25pm,
You can make a sling shot like this from scratch. International trade and shipping is not needed.

8/23/2008 12:24am,
I've never had problems bringing items into my state (and Ca hates sling shots)...but you never know. The worst that will happen is that it wouldn't ship but I doubt that will happen. Which state are you in? You may get an idea of what's considered legal and what isn't and thus, what can ship and what can't.
As far as making one, being the worst engineer ever (I barely made my own punching bag) I would rather buy one. If you trust your abilities, go for it!
Nobody in Australia sells sling shots? I would have thought they were all about sling shots, oh well.
Good Luck with smuggling what the gov't may consider a weapon!

8/23/2008 8:20pm,
lol sling shots... gotta love em

vaquero de las nalgas
8/23/2008 8:35pm,
Just remember not to shoot your eye out.