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12/09/2003 7:03pm,
as requested

Also don't assume I missed anything, ignorance is not a legal excuse. Nor is it when making baseless claims, when I do it I expect to get called on it also.
Some means some. I'm not generalising. There are some Americans who are ludicrously patriotic. Most probably aren't, but I *have* met many who are. You either missed the word 'some' or you ignored it on purpose. My claim is, once again, BASED ON my encounters with these ludicrously overly patriotic Americans that I've met. I still make the same claim because my basis for it is still not absent

Good point about European countries

12/10/2003 5:55am,
Not to poop on your parade but.....

I recall when registering for this site that we were not supposed to post on topics about race. This has nothing to do with MA.

12/10/2003 6:19am,
"Off-Topic Discussion
Religion, Racism, Abortion, Boobers, Israel vs. Palestine, Tastes Great vs. Less Filling, and pretty much anything else that doesn't involve Martial Arts or MMA. "

12/10/2003 6:34am,
yep, and to prove it did you see that comic in the off topic section where the guy fucks the larynx of the decapitated womans corpse?

12/10/2003 7:38am,
If we can talk about anything, lets make it interesting. It seems silly that when a baseball World Series is held. Nations outside America to not compete. Hahahah

12/10/2003 2:50pm,
Oh right, I really ought to have made this in off-topic
It ended up here because the thread it came from was in this board too. The argument seems to be over anyway... yay
I hate arguing