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deus ex machina
12/09/2003 6:06pm,
Any reputable schools in Orange County, California?

12/09/2003 6:32pm,
You bet!, Tim Cartmell's Shen Wu school. For more information check out his website and forum. I should mention I am not one of his students, as I live in Taiwan and he lives in California so this is not "student praise teacher" talk.

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12/09/2003 6:34pm,

For taijiquan or xingyiquan, I'd ask at emptyflower.com or shenwu.com (Cartmell's school is in Orange County). You'd be well-served to be more specific about what your needs.

Besides Cartmell, I know another neijia guy in Orange County who also cross-trains at an MMA gym. He teaches informally and is less well-known.

I'm not sure where Su Dong Chen is, but I think he's more Los Angeles proper than Orange County.

12/09/2003 7:00pm,
why do you refer to aikido? Thought you thought it was gay and it sucked. Not taking the piss, am actually curious.

deus ex machina
12/09/2003 7:02pm,
Thanks guys. I was definitely thinking of checking out Cartmell's school, as I've heard lots of good things about it.

My basic wants are to taste the CMA's (internal, specifically) and Aikido. The philosophy appeals to me in terms of movement and flow.

12/09/2003 7:08pm,
How far is Orange County from the Bay Area?

12/09/2003 7:08pm,
fair enough. I'll say though with aikido if you don't take it up full on it would probably just piss you off. Its pretty abstract stuff.

12/09/2003 7:17pm,
Originally posted by The_Ghost
How far is Orange County from the Bay Area?

It took me 7 hours to drive from Fairfield to Mission Viejo.

12/09/2003 10:58pm,
Not taking the piss, am actually curious.

Hi, this is America. I'm gonna have to politely ask you ro stop using your fruity British colloquialisms in my presence.


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12/09/2003 11:14pm,
Boyd... outrageous and delightful
keep up the good work
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Donny "deeznutz" Rumsfeld

12/10/2003 12:46am,
sorry I forgot which world power Australians' were kissing arse too these days.

The Wastrel
12/10/2003 1:07am,
All of them.

12/10/2003 1:10am,
yeah but there's usually like, one big one, has singapore fallen yet? Wireless is on the blink.