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8/06/2008 12:48am,
I am not positive this is exactly where this post would go, but I believe if could fit in with any and all martial arts styles.

Has anyone else read the book "Just2Seconds" from Gavin de Becker?

I just finished reading it and was hoping to talk about it with someone else.

I am ex-military and have practiced some martial arts and thought the book was a good educational tool for those who are military, law enforcement, security types with martial arts backgrounds.

Please let me know if you have read it, I would like to get your thoughts on it.


8/06/2008 1:02am,
Explain book plz

8/06/2008 1:17am,
Explain book plz

Absolutely! Glad your as interested as I am.

Think of every assassination you've ever heard about. For most people, a few of these major ones come to mind: Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Anwar Sadat, John Lennon, Israel’s Prime Minister Rabin, Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto.
From start to finish, all of these attacks — combined — took place in less than one minute. And the hundreds of attacks studied for this book, all of them combined, took place in less than a half-hour. Those thirty minutes, surely the most influential in world history, offer important insights that can help today’s protectors defeat tomorrow’s attackers.

8/08/2008 1:12am,
However those attacks don't take a moment to come about. They take years to ferment. It's just the last step that is quick and very very visible.

8/08/2008 3:32am,
When do you start the clock? The moment the idea enters the assassin's head, the moment the plan is fully conceived, the moment he sees his target, or the moment the trigger is pulled? And why is this relevant to YMAS?

Why am I asking so many questions?

8/08/2008 3:44am,
My instructor always says that revenge can happen at anytime. Clock is ticking when the conflict begins, not when you finally go down.

8/08/2008 5:22am,
Explain book plz
Boy meets girl.
They fall in love.
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8/08/2008 5:26am,
You realize that an assassination is essentially nothing more than a one-man ambush. It's meant to be quick, impossible to defend against, and deadly as soon as it's implemented. To state that "all of these attacks occurred in less than thirty minutes," is just addressing the actually assassinations themselves and not the time put in to plan and prepare. These people didn't just walk down the street, see JFK's motorcade and say, "I wonder what it would be like to shoot the President and run away..." And now that I've said those words in that order...I fully expect to be followed around for the next month by men in nice suits and large SUVs.

You see...this is why we can't have nice things...

8/08/2008 11:41am,
You realize that an assassination is essentially nothing more than a one-man ambush.

Not necessarily one man. My understanding of the Bhutto assassination is that the suicide bomber wasn't the one who fired the shots, although I could have it wrong.

Also, agreed with questioning the timeframe. I'm going to go one step further and say this...

John Lennon?

8/08/2008 11:50am,
Retarded. When do you stop the clock?

John Wilkes Booth shot abraham lincoln in the head. What I read in school is that after the shot he jumped down onto the stage and ran out the side door into the woods , where they chased him down and eventually caught him because he had broken his ankle on the jump and couldn't move very fast. Lincoln didn't die right away, he died later that night in front of a doctor. How the hell is that only '2' seconds?

Are you talking about the gunshot itself? This is stupid.

Transcendent Sunchips
8/08/2008 11:57am,
Julius Caesar was swarmed and stabbed repeatedly. Plus, he had enough time to pull his cloth over his face before he died. That **** took a lot more than 2 seconds.