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12/08/2003 3:12pm,

my question is how do you hit your own partner........twice?

12/08/2003 3:13pm,
That was a "highlander" fallout, not a "last samurai" one.

12/08/2003 3:14pm,
woman logic

12/08/2003 3:17pm,
I whould think that the cop was under alot of stress and reacted purely on instinct, that is didn't aim to well.

12/08/2003 3:17pm,

12/08/2003 3:33pm,
Yeah, the "I'm immortal" lie doesn't exactly scream "last samurai" so much as "Highlander".....


12/08/2003 3:38pm,
Oh those stylists.

12/08/2003 5:12pm,
"My brother was a wonderful person; he just had some emotional problems that we're still trying to sort out," Nicole Forbes said.

Uh, yep.

12/08/2003 5:21pm,
"The stocky martial-arts black belt swung so hard, he bent one sword on her head"

What kind of crappy Katana bends on someones head?

12/08/2003 9:45pm,
Wow, that's major fucked.

According to an initial investigation, Kelly added, "It looks like the shooting was justified."
No ****?!?!?!

Good thing the freaking woman didn't have an AR or something like that.

12/08/2003 11:37pm,
But, now we have a new master of the understatements:

"My brother was a wonderful person; he just had some emotional problems that we're still trying to sort out," Nicole Forbes said.


12/14/2003 4:58pm,
How do they get that this guy was a "martial arts expert"?

12/14/2003 5:07pm,
Didn't it say he was a black belt in something. He probably got it at age 11. News like this just makes MA"s look like loonies. Unfortunately, someone had to die for this guy's mental issues.

A good katana will likely chip/warp on skull. It's not indestructable. So if he was an "expert" and went for the forehead, he's obviously not a sword expert. If it warped on the neck, then it's just a shitty sword. It does say they are "ceremonial"...whatever that means.

If it wasn't drugs....I really want to know what made him do that. That's fucked up.

The Wastrel
12/14/2003 5:08pm,
Most swords that you can actually buy are complete garbage.

12/14/2003 5:41pm,
You won't be all laughing about this when he rises from the dead and continues his quest to cut the heads off the other immortals.

12/20/2003 3:22am,
Not to draw out the 'katana bending on human flesh' discussion any further than necessary, but I've seen Paul Chen quality swords bend as a result of someone screwing up tameshigiri, which kind of nulls all bets in regards to human flesh.