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7/31/2008 7:52pm,
Hi, I have just recently had a shoulder reconstruction and i am slowly on the mend. I was wondering if anyone has had the same or similar problems and found a troubles returning to taining?


7/31/2008 8:08pm,
I didn’t have shoulder reconstruction, but I do have two cases of what is commonly referred to as frozen shoulder (one case in each shoulder). At one point I had to be knocked out and the doctor ripped my arms back into place so I could move semi-properly again. I still don’t have full movement but I’m getting their.

Best advice: Take it slow and easy. It’s going to take time and you are not going to be at the same level you were before. Over training after an injury of any kind is a way to mess yourself up for life. Accept where you are now and set little goals to improve upon, don’t take big leaps.

Just remember you can recover and you can regain what you had, it’s just going to take time.

7/31/2008 9:14pm,
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8/01/2008 12:55am,
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8/02/2008 5:38pm,
In the summer of '07 I had surgery to repair the labrum in my shoulder.

Long story short, it was about 8 months before I could get back to any sort of training.

I started first by weight training, then slowly transitioning into boxing( didn't feel comfortable grappling/having somebody tug on it quite yet.)

I had twinges every now and again (moments where it would feel like it'd pop out) but I use certain rotator cuff / scapular exercises to help build up the surrounding muscles. I also do a lot of mobility work.

My advice is to buckle down, wait, and let your body do it's thing. Assuming your surgeon was competant he did a damn fine job. Now it's just up to your rehab and P.T to do their thing.

Do NOT push it until you feel it's recovered/stable. 1 year off training is nothing in comparison to a life time injury that may never recover. Please, take your time and heal up. Read up on martial arts or find something that doesn't stress your shoulder too much.

Result: Not perfect, still lacking slightly in external rotation in comparison to my non-operated on shoulder(which is shitty too). But it's close enough. I can work with it, just need to make sure and tap *early* to udegarames/kimuras/americanas. I definintely do not have the balls to compete on a bum shoulder... I'll take it easy until I get more range of motion back.

I was almost hesitant to get the surgery but I feel that I'm a stronger, more mature, and more patient person for it.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions whatsoever, I'd be glad to assist you in anyway. I know that road to recovery fairly well.