View Full Version : An entire McStyle based on Nunchaku?!!

12/07/2003 4:29am,

There is an entire style devoted to Nunchaku. Check out the demo video for this. My favorite part is where the guy has his arm all the way around his back and tosses the nunchaku up in the air and catches them.

I am very good with Nunchaku myself, and often impress my friends with them, but what these guys have turned it into is something closer to dancing or baton twirling. My Sensei has always taught me when manipulating the nunchaku to imagine you are in a real fight and use blocks and strikes, but these guys are just tossing and twirling.

Seriously these guys are missing out. I practice nunchaku, tonfa, sai, bo, eku, and open hand. They just limit themselves.

Also notice the way some competitors react after winning. They turn their back, throw their arms up, and jump around. My Sensei would penalise or disqualify someone so arrogant. I have always been taught to simply bow, shake hands, and back away out of the ring.

12/07/2003 4:49am,
Well, it's been at least a few weeks since this has been posted, so here you go:


12/07/2003 4:52am,
Hmm, that even makes the first one not look so bad

12/07/2003 11:52am,
This nunchuck/numskull guy is on one of the older posts a number of months ago.

12/07/2003 12:16pm,
Yeah, when that one kid goes out onto the ring and is blowing a kiss to his adoring fans, or whatever...... good fucking grief. And excesive ass celebration there, I thought he might stop for a second, but no, he jsut kept going.....

Also, the behind the back trick is thuroughly useless, good for fire dancing, if that guy ever decides to light up the far ends of his chucks, he could make money on the club circuit, cultural events, or at circuses.

I like that there is weapon sparring though, these guys look kinda like puds to me, but it wouldn't be so bad to spend a little time training with foam rubber weapons, I keep wanting to, and no one ever backs me up on it...... blegh. Fuckers.

Well, there's always Khali.

Edit: I knew it! I KNEW THIS WAS A EUROPEAN'S FAULT (well, or a Canadian's, I couldn't be certain)! For christ's sake they have World Nunchaku Association Passports?! What the hell?!

12/07/2003 1:54pm,
The first thing I noticed was that just about everyone participating was like a 12 year old boy. Maybe that's only the first part of the video. I closed it after like 45 seconds. Also their gi has 'Softsiders' written on the back? lol there's a tough sounding name

12/07/2003 2:46pm,
What's up with the Beverly Hills Cop sounding music in that video? bleh