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7/28/2008 7:17am,
O.k. let's talk about geostrategies for a bit.

IF you think there will be a third world war in our lifetime, how many more years before it would/could kick off?
What will be the reason(s) for WWIII?
Who will be the main factions?

Here are my expectations.

I'll give it 15 to 20 years before it will happen.

The reasons will be economical, by that time the USA and EU are on an equal standing with China and India, maybe not socially but technically and economically, perhaps China will be even richer and economically healthier then the Western countries.

By that time there's a pretty good chance oilproduction has dramatically decreased and i hope by that time people made the right choices and invested in alternate powersources like alges-farms in deserts and solar/wind power.

There's water shortage by now, increasing amounts of tornado's and floods that leave vast amounts of people homeless and on the run, thus making 2nd world countries unstable, both socially aswell as economically and every powerhouse tries to secure a piece of the pie (water, farmland,fossile fuels).

China and India are at this time already growing and they are in eachothers way.
I think this will be the first battlezone.
India has a huge weakness: its being held in a strangelhold by Pakistan, both have nuclear weapons except: pakistan is small and nuking it would mean the fallout either reaches other neutral nations and India's own punjab and jammu kashmir states.
Pakistan doesnt have this problem, if they'd nuke tamil nadu in the south, no problem for them regarding fall out.

China doesnt really have huge weaknesses, relations with Russia and N.Korea are ok, N. Korea keeps the USA and the UN busy (China will make sure of this by aiding them in secret)
Russia makes sure Iran continues to be a pain in the ass at the western 'front'.
After all they provide them with the technical parts and intel for their nuclear ambitions.

All the things that are taking place now are the first skirmishes of WWIII.
The war on terror is a minor thing in comparison the the bigger picture.

Russia and China use smaller states such as N. Korea,Iran,Pakistan to keep certain areas unstable, each 'thugstate' with their own political or religious agenda.
Iran is shi-ite and teams up with even smaller thugstates such as Syria, who in its turn meddles inside Libanon etc.

Most moves right now are being made diplomatically and economically.
You see french president Sarkozy making treaties with Khadaffi in Libia, you see N. Korea 'out of the blue' blowing up a chimney which is vital for their nuclear capabilities ( this means either a victory for american diplomacy OR they hide something else and koreans can afford to blow the chimney up)

Everywhere unexpected political meetings take place and 'surprising' concessions take place.
Some say: coincedense, i say: just pawns being set up for the big chessgame.

7/28/2008 7:34am,
lol...you're dutch...

It is Fake
7/28/2008 7:51am,
^^HAHAHA That is the first thing that I thought when, I read the thread title.

7/28/2008 7:58am,
well, we have to know who we're going to collaborate with, right? ;-)

Snake Plissken
7/28/2008 8:03am,
I vote the world just decide to dump all it's trash on the Dutch.


The Dutch are already trash.

Carry on, then.

7/28/2008 8:04am,
phhsss........now i make a good serious thread for once in my life and you guys **** on it.
too difficult for you?



It is Fake
7/28/2008 8:10am,
Obama gets assassinated.
Race war begins.
Mexicans take back America.
Canada of America is born.

The world laughs.
They Nuke CofA.
New Mexico (the entire US now) gets irradiated.
They launch everything including UFO technology.
The earth is split in half.


7/28/2008 8:16am,
I thought the Mexicans already took back America.

Kambei Shimada
7/28/2008 8:38am,
I'll go with strained relationship between the US and North Korea boils over....The US invades North Korea and subsequently gets pummeled to submission by China.

Or How about...

Ikea invades Belgium and turns it into the Worlds largest 'flatpacked' furniture Factory.

7/28/2008 8:41am,
nah my theory is way more realistic then yours.

however i agree that ikea is an evil organisation trying to take over the world.

Rock Ape
7/28/2008 8:47am,

In the not too distant future.

7/28/2008 8:48am,
Any of your idiots who think we're going to invade North Korea are idiots. I am convinced of your idiocy.

7/28/2008 9:06am,

In the not too distant future.

Iran is a good option, Ahmedinejjad on several occasions hinted that he'd use nukes on Israel (though that kind of rhetoric is more for his own people then for the int. comunity) and Israel hinted that if necessary they would use their airforce to make pre-emptive strikes against iranian nuclear installations.

Im betting it won't happen in the not too distant future however because Russia won't allow it.

Right now it's more profitable to keep things unstable, US army is stretched out, last thing they need is another battlefront against a new fresh and motivated enemy.

Iran will try to avoid a confrontation because in my view they can gain more by just sitting there watching the us army move out of Iraq and let the religous **** hit the fan.
This way shi-ite Iran can 'íntervene'' in parts of Iraq where a mayority is of shi-ite faith aswell and make some topographical alterations considering the iranian-iraqi border.
or option two: help creating a second shi-ite state out of a part of the by then former Iraq.

Nothing of these things will happen without secret diplomatic trade offs with the western powers ofcourse.

7/28/2008 9:19am,
I don't care who kills who :israel7va and who :jerkit2yf who, I say it is all for the entertainment and that is that.
This leaves only one question, what am I gona wear for the Armageddon? :dodgy:

7/28/2008 9:21am,
I don't care who kills who :israel7va and who :jerkit2yf who, I say it is all for the entertainment and that is that.
This leaves only one question, what am I gona wear for the Armageddon? :dodgy:

your own entrails around your neck if im anywhere close near you when it happens...


7/28/2008 9:23am,
yeah I have to check back in with you about that...