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Mangetsu kai
12/06/2003 3:34pm,
Okay I remember fighting this one guy under ITF rules (okay maybe fight is too strong a word for TKD sparring), and I swear to god, when he threw a few punches he shouted, "BLITZ!". I almost pissed myself laughing.

12/06/2003 3:40pm,
When I was working in the mental health field I and another guy had to restrain a teenager (college-age) who was going after another kid with a pen. He was also into the fashion of wearing VERY baggy pants. He struggled so much initially that his pants came down to his knees after we'd put him on the ground prone. So there he was with one of us on either side holding his arms and him kicking the ground and screaming, "PULL UP MY PANTS!!"

12/06/2003 3:53pm,
not in a real fight but what the hey!----- i was sparring with my coach we were boxing and wrestling also allowing knees, we were fighting away and (as usual) he was giving me a pasting, we had just stood back up after he had subbed me out for about the ninetieth time. he threw a combo and for some reason i panicked and ducked over far too far, i was off balance and i instinctively just ran away full speed, all the guys were standimng watching and saw me pegging it across the gym, with him chasing me ! i wish i had it on video, i would post it here for a laugh

Omega Supreme
12/06/2003 3:58pm,
I was fighting this boxer at one of the local gyms. He started showing off and fighting like "Sugar" Shame Mosley (realize I wanted to kick his legs out from under him at this time). So in the second round I decided to fight dirty. He threw a cross and I elbowed it. With his right hand slightly hurt he started to just pepper me with stiff jabs, I head butted them. Both hands ended up broken.

His coaches ended up busting up laughing "that's what you get for showing off"

12/12/2003 3:58am,
I guess the time I laughed the hardest was in Jr. High School when I kicked this kid in the head and he said, "If we weren't in school I'd kill you!" and ran onto the bus. I don't remember this guy's name. It was funny though.

In training, it would have to be when I leap frogged over a guy who was shooting during wrestling practice. Brian Cogar was his name. I was in a crazy mood that day so I did a back roll (yea, a ninja roll) just playing around on the mat. Coach Millard walked by right then and said, "Nice roll" or something like that. It inspired me so I did a side roll when we started wrestling. I don't know why. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time. Bob Johnson come over and whispered something to Brian. I decided to do one last back roll and he ran close and shot in on me like Bob told him. I pushed off of his shoulders and jumped over him with my knees high. His face went right into the mat.

Anyway, then Bob told him to just get me down and wrestle with me - so he worked his way in close and we tied up and then we went to the ground. - I don't recommend the leap frog as a standard counter to the shoot. Either his back was too leaned forward or he was going for Bob's favorite shoot, where you shoot low to the ground and go for the heel hooks. I've managed to roll over guy's backs on a tackle too. Just during play though. I wouldn't try it in any realistic situation. This is just funny stuff to do when you are goofing around.

Toby Christensen
12/12/2003 10:22am,
When I was in karate class, I was sparring my twin and he threw some straight punches. I ducked, threw myself at his legs and was dragged off him by some coloured belts while yelling "I won, damn you! I WON!"

Also, another time in karate class I was scolded for throwing headbutts in "shadow sparring".

12/12/2003 10:31am,
I was sparring with my gf in Shidokan, she's only been doing karate for about 9 months so I usually go easy on her or try and make her work a certain technique. So I stood in a fairly low stance to be closer to her height and continuously punched at her body not hard but repeatedly. If you've ever been to a karate tournament this is what all the beginner girls do so I thought it would help her get used to that. I can tell she's getting frusterated because I am just continuing to punch and move forward.

Then out of no where she did a spinning hook kick and nailed me in the jaw! It spun me around immediately and a bunch of my buddies that where watching practice started laughing hysterically. It was pretty funny and it's what I get for under estimating her!

12/12/2003 10:46am,
I was training in Seidokan, up against a 6'4" blackbelt.

It was a "show" situation at the dojo so there was an audience. He kneed me in the gut, which doubled me over, kneed me the face which stunned me, kneed me in the gut again which doubled me over, pulled the back of my gi over the top of my head, lifted me up and threw me into the audience.

12/12/2003 11:10am,
I was in a tournement, and took a hard turning kick to the head, it spun me around, and I almost fell into a judge. I caught myself on the back of the chair, and notice "Hey she's kinda cute!" *WHACK!* A hard kick to the gut. The fight was stopped, the ref wanted to make sure I was ok. I thought, because I'd almost taken out a judge the fight was stopped. Guess not. He made sure I was ok, cause I didn't even attempt to block the kick, he was concerned, I was out on my feet. Whatever that means. I was fine, at the end of the match, I'm taking off my gear, and the ref walks over, and says

"Yeah, she is hot. I'm going to try and get to know her better!"

That was kinda embarassing, cause I guess it was obvious as to why I had stopped!

12/12/2003 11:19am,
" I caught myself on the back of the car"

Why was there a car at your tournament??? Especially near the ring?

12/12/2003 11:24am,

Meant chair

*goes back and edits*

12/12/2003 11:40am,
I had a student about 15 years ago that was a body builder type, and a real cocky attitude all the time. Nobody (including me) liked the guy because of this, and this couldn't have worked out better if we'd planned it!

We were doing light/medium contact sparring one day, and this guy and my senior student were sparring. I sometimes videotape these sessions so that students can look at them later and analysis mistakes they made, or just to watch themselves. This was fortunately, one of those times.

Anyway, this guy and my senior student started sparring and about a minute into it, the cocky guy does a walking side kick, and the next thing we hear (it's very audible on the video tape) a riiiiiiiping sound! The guy tore the crotch out of his lightweight gi pants!

He was wearing a black gi, and all he had on under it was a jockstrap and cup, so when the crotch gave, his bare butt was there for all to gawk at.

You could have heard a pin drop for maybe 5 seconds, then the whole class of around 20 people just busted a gut laughing! The video tape of this (it caught it PERFECTLY!) was a popular item that almost everybody wanted to take home and make a copy of. I should have sent it to Funniest Home Videos..dammit!

Toby Christensen
12/12/2003 11:43am,

Backheeling my 116 kilo support worker to the ground and running away laughing
Accidentally headbutting same support worker with a side headbutt

12/12/2003 4:29pm,
I was sparring many years ago.

I have a tendancy to exhale sharply with each strike. I was wearing a mouthpiece, so I was exhaling through my nose.

Hit the guy in the chest with a great big wad o' snot.

Distracted the hell out of him....

12/12/2003 4:45pm,

I once had someone gob on my by accident. It acidenetly kicked them in the balls, and a big gob of spit came out.

12/12/2003 4:56pm,
I'd say you got the better end of the deal.