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Geki Ryu Aikijujutsu - Martial Arts Planet (http://www.martialartsplanet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80874)

Aparently there's a new art on the block and its name is Geki-Ryu Aikijujutsu headed-up by a Menkyo Kaiden 7th dan Shihan by the name of Trevor Robinson.


Trevor Robinson Shihan holds the Grade of Menkyo kaiden 7th Dan Black belt in Aiki jujutsu

This is a ďGendai sogo BujutsuĒ That is a Modern Bujutsu or bugeiAnyone involved in koryu or understanding the old-school methods of licensing would question why this guy claims to have a Menkyo Kaiden and and 7th dan in a made up system which is gendai (modern - not old school)

There's a lot of subliminal suggestion toward koryu on that website, indeed they claim to teach weapons systems of that era I know people whoíve studied just one classical weapon system for most of their adult life so Mr. Robinson must be very talented.

Point of note: There's only one legitimate martial system to have adopted the term "Aiki" in relation to its jujutsu and that is Daito Ryu. Anything else is just cashing in on the buzz-word.

1. Who invented the system known as Geki Ryu?
2. Who graded Trevor Robinson to Menkyo Kaiden and in what art specifically?
3. Who graded Trevor Robinson to 7th dan and Shihan, and in what art specifically?
4. What is the highest yudansha grade Trevor Robinson has attained from a verifiable source other than the "7th dan Shihan Menkyo Kaiden"?
5. Who was Robinson's teacher of Aikijujutsu?
6. How long has Robinson studied Geki Ryu to be awarded Menkyo Kaiden?
Let me clear a few things up, 1. I have nothing to do with Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

I have a small group of students/friends and I have no interest to go big,

I called my club Geki Ryu after my Bugo Martial name, that was given to me by Hatsumi in 1995, after I passed my Go-dan In the Bujinkan you want proof then watch this


The Geki Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu is jujutsu mixed with systema, Bujinkan and other things (you can check me out on the Russianmartialart .com site other schools http://www.russianmartialart.com/mai...liates&loc=int look on uk and on "in the media, http://www.russianmartialart.com/mai...age=inthemedia )and with Aiki principles it has no relationship to or with Daito Ryu or any other Ryu nor do or have I ever claimed such, and never would because they use a completely different method anyway and that is called Aikijujutsu mine is Geki Ryu Aiki-jujutsu I use the name Aiki because it best describes the principles that I use, that is it. Full stop As for the Menkyo Kaiden (what of it) it means nothing to me, I never stoped still learning so it means nothing.

Our grading system is still in development as we only broke away from the Bujinkan this year,so we havenít decided which grading system to use,

My grading was the first one that I have had for 11 years I think thatís ok from 6th Dan to 7th donít you, hell Ive learnt a lot in that time. It was given to me by a very respected Master and that is all I will say for now, I donít care if that is good enough you, I will not bring other people into these things until/unless I speak to them first, I donít think that you would either itís just not done.

My Grades that is none of your business!, it really isn't and I'm not about to get other people I respect involved in your little witch hunt, I will show any of my Grading certificates to any of my student whenever they wish to see them I have Nothing to hide.
Grades are just accolades as far as Iím concerned (and personally I donít think that these days many grading certificates are worth the paper they are written on, (My students are more interested in What I teach them rather than my Grade, oh and they call me Trev, Not sensei! And we donít Bow.

I have been training in the Martial arts for 34 years, and I am not interested in what a persons opinion is of my method is that is if he could even recognise what I am doing, If he was looking for Daito ryu then he would be disappointed looking at me! Because I donít do it.

Train with me and you will soon see what I can do The Sword and other weapon arts that I have done were from the Bujinkan and the Knife and Gun stuff from systema which incidentally I introduced to the UK in 1999 (I was Vladimir Vasilievís First UK student)

If anyone Doubts What I can do anyone can come and see for himself, or watch all my vids on youtube not just one! (the one mentioned was just in a lesson it was not a demo it was sparing, I don't hide where I am. So come and see me, Thatís not a problem
I can call my club anything I want, and as long as I am not claiming to be associated with people that I have nothing to do with ie the Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu then that's fine.
TrevorI'll never grow tired of reading this gem... "my grade means nothing to me" from someone who procrastinates themselves as Shihan, 7th dan Menkyo Kaiden etc etc etc.

Mr. Robinson.. Who graded you to 7th dan, awarded you the title Shihan and gave you Menkyo Kaiden ? Simple questions.
I have trained six Aikido guys (3 of then 2nd dan) (2 still train two had private lessons ) over the last 4 years (one left Aikido immediately as he could counter everything his Aikido teacher (a 4th dan ) did after one! Lesson with me! They all were amazed at what I could do (because they couldnít defend against it! ), How I could take their balance and hit then at will. As for proper use of atemi I was hitting Kyusho on almost every strike! On that vid The way I punch comes from systema . I stopped using the method you do (Karate Type) years ago as it is easily seen, on tai sabaki ďan inch is worth a mile, I move just enough for me to escape, (my students move more, determined by their experience) tai sabaki is very important.

As for making up martial Arts, Iím not, I am combining some, but if you want to have a go at every MMA guy out there (that includes Osensei Morihei Ueshiba !) be my guest (but I wouldnít Recommend it you will be typing for the rest of your life ) You sound to me that you have only my art is more genuine syndrome, Well think on this, your Kata based concepts work when you know what the other guy is doing, but fail miserably against awkward unknown attacks youíre with respect a Kata clone!

Tell me Iím interested how many times did you use Aikido in real life? (the physical that is not the mental) to defend yourself, and on who? Iím Most interested how it wentSo, I hope Mr. Robinson drops by here.


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Your dojo looks like allot of fun Rockape.

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So all I gathered from this is his students call him "trev." They don't bow and he single handedly introduced systema to the UK. Oh and he has a douchey Steven Segal ponytail.

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Your dojo looks like allot of fun Rockape.


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Yes yes and yes BTW.

These fuckers are hillarious. They don't even borrow/steal their **** correctly which is at least one thing that can be said for the japanese scroll buyers who majickly have Menkyo status in ten arts.

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So we've gone from the whoring out of Japanese culture by Hatsumi to the outright raping of japanese culture by this fellow?

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After sitting through all of that all I can say is wtf ,(sarcasm enabled) b/c someone who is holding a knife on you will just stand there while you perform th3 d3Ad1y chop to the arm/wristcrank/elbow strike/back kick/grab and turn/uber cool knife snatch/take down and do NOTHING to resist.

Jesus H Christ, what bunch of ****.

Rock Ape
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Jesus H Christ, what bunch of ****.He doesn't think so... His students call him "Trev"

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We know but that sht was funny!

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This is becoming twilight zone-esque. I almost thought that you were joking.....

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Rock Ape banned again at MAP, LOL.