View Full Version : Whos going to the Team Quest fight club grappling tournment?

12/06/2003 12:46am,

I am going hope to see some of you other people there, i dont know if i want to go advanced, because it will really slim my chances of winning down.

12/06/2003 1:06am,
I will be there most likely. I thought about competing but I'm out of shape and not training because of school.

12/06/2003 1:12am,
what grappling do you know?

12/06/2003 2:34am,
Most of the grappling there is BJJ-based, but we don't use a gi or anything. Rob Follis who runs the gym is a purple belt similar and he handles most of the grappling classes, but from rolling with alot of the fighters (most of whom used to be wrestlers) I've picked up some wrestling stuff too. A few moves from judo I've picked up from an ex but I don't do them very well.

12/06/2003 3:00am,
what wt and if you do compete what division?

12/06/2003 1:53pm,
Beginner 145.