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12/06/2003 12:40am,
why is the scissors takedown outlawed in judo?


12/06/2003 3:48am,
Damn. I thought this thread was going to be about running with scissors.

Oh well. Once upon a time, many years ago, leg scissors, or kani basami, or do jime (one of those), were declared too dangerous for competition. The reasoning was probably along the same lines that caused leg locks to be declared too dangerous.

Just accept that judo has some silly rules. I mean, c'mon, the triangle choke was just recently relegalized...

12/06/2003 5:30am,
guys were diving forwards in competition to stop themselves being thrown with it and were ripping their knees apart

12/06/2003 5:36am,
Oh. Well, that's a pretty good reason, then.

12/06/2003 6:32am,
i dont know though, it was apparently one of the best ways to break jigutai (sp?) , my coach occaisonally does it in randori---- but he likes his bjj

Omega Supreme
12/06/2003 3:54pm,
We had a guy get his ACL torn via a scissor throw. Must be true.

12/06/2003 4:23pm,
Yeah. I think it was Yamashita who had his ankle broken by someone attempting this throw in a competition. He still went on to the finals and won the whole thing though. He was/is a badass.

Dojime is different than Kani Basami.

Someone on some other boards told the story of his/her sensei using this throw while being a police officer. Apparently, there were bricks on the porch and the dude getting thrown hit his head on the bricks and his brains splattered out, and low and behold he was dead. They still teach it at my club but no one seems to use it...