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12/05/2003 3:36pm,
Boards with NO spacers
Bricks that have NOT been baked
Concrete slabs that are NOT pre-weakend

How many?
How were they being held?

Or bones if you prefer, yours or "theirs".

12/05/2003 3:40pm,
I used the karate I taught myself as a kid (from books) to break furniture into small pieces a few years back. Worked great. Even my reverse punches were good enough to bust out drawers, and my axe kicks broke through a table.

Mind you, it was cheap furniture.

But seriously? I'd love to try just out of curiosity. We should have something like this at a Throwdown.

12/05/2003 3:41pm,

Heavy bad is more fun.

12/05/2003 3:46pm,
In 1973.... 4 boards no spacers side kick held by two people.... I think on another occasion 3 boards with reverse punch.... again held by two other people no spacers... a red brick held on the ground left edge, and the other resting on my palm...knife hand.... That one hurt....

12/05/2003 3:48pm,
I used to have a nice callous on the edge of my palm.... It has since deteriorated.... breaking is bad though isn't it?

12/05/2003 3:48pm,
5 boards, held , no spacers, reverse punch stright not down.
1 brick, palm heel down
2 concrete slabs, side kick chest level.

12/05/2003 3:49pm,
1 ankle

12/05/2003 3:49pm,
I have broken my nose when some guy's fist hit it.

12/05/2003 3:50pm,
LLL thats because you had your stupid finger up by it, and he was trying to probably hit your hand away for making Satanic symbols....

12/05/2003 3:52pm,
"Bricks that have NOT been baked"

Excuse me.... but aren't bricks that have not been backed just mud?

12/05/2003 3:52pm,
body parts eh?
Broken or dislocated on me: Hand, shoulder, knee, ankle, ribs.
Broke somebodies: Nose, jaw, ribs, lower leg, ankle, shoulder, wrist.
Severly bruised a guys ASS bone once when I thow him, ass first down the stairs at a night club.

12/05/2003 3:54pm,
Never broke any bones... When I was working in a warehouse as a youngster (haha) I was showing of and punched a box... Turned out to be a fence on edge... cut my knuckle and boy did it hurt....We used to like to punch holes in cardboard boxes...

12/05/2003 3:57pm,
what kind of sick person goes around punching innocent boxes ?????

12/05/2003 3:57pm,

12/05/2003 3:58pm,
Two was my max, with a back fist.

As to bones, at current count: a finger (untreated for three weeks, now permenantly crooked), most of the bones in both feet (cracked), several toes, and my ribs on the right side.

I have broken the ribs of a friend of mine, via hugging him when I was drunk.

Mr. Mantis
12/05/2003 3:59pm,
Three 2X4X15 concrete patio blocks, no separators, open handed palm strike.

edit: Oh yeah they were set on concrete supports.