View Full Version : Is this the verdict on The Last Samurai?

12/04/2003 5:23pm,

Well this is a movie thats going to come down to personal taste can't wait to see it on friday.

12/04/2003 5:50pm,
Wow.... read the caption, jackass here needs to pay up some royalties..... too bad he didn't spell it with a d


Personally I liked the movie, I never saw "Dances With Wolves", but yeah I know this movie's cliched....... maybe I just filled up a little cliche section of my brain with "The Last Samurai" that most people refuse to have "Wolves" leave.

Anywho, whatever, Ebert and Roeper loved it.

12/04/2003 5:55pm,
Seriouslly... Its always the shittist little newspaper who has the same jaded critic, who isn't even good enough to even live in Hollywood.

12/04/2003 6:07pm,
Yeah, I got that impression from the lesser known papers, couldn't wait to draw seeping strokes like "white boy fantasies" and "Hollywood's ethnocentric" (what an amazing surprise, cause Japanese cinema makes movies about white gusy ALL the time).

Ah well, whatever.