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12/03/2003 9:17pm,
Sokay there is too many of people at the school who are the fencers and teacher ssay he's BORDER PATROLE!!! I go to watching them at there dojo and is MAKe NO COMON SENCE!!! theyre whiping swords at other and stomping and NEVAR MOVE TO SIDES!! is obvias samuri is better and maybe even NO WEAPON is moire!!

12/03/2003 9:28pm,
fencing isnt really some sort of... deadly art. its a sport. a semi-fun one in my opinion.

12/03/2003 9:31pm,
Are you talking about Kendo or European fencing?

12/03/2003 9:33pm,
European fencing is pretty much just a sport now. Some applications are useful for "real"
though. That's where Bruce Lee's "stop-hit" comes from.

12/04/2003 3:46am,
The reason fencers don't move from side to side is that the playing area is a strip about 5 feet wide. Therefore within such confines, it makes sense to not move side to side. As for the whipping, thats just one of the things that deeply annoys me about fencing. Modern foils are so flexible that they can be used to whip over a shoulder and strike the back to score a hit. The stomping is normally done as a feint.
And your right, it makes no sense whatsoever, but neither does Cricket. Sports are like that.

12/04/2003 4:05am,
Like retarded?

Deadpan Scientist
12/04/2003 4:56am,
If they don't wear fight shorts, I don't want to see it.

12/04/2003 5:18am,
I want to see more classic dueling replace fencing as a sport. Points for stabs and cuts, a circled arena, heavier "swords"

I fucking hate foils, mostly cause I can't even see them.

12/04/2003 5:45am,

12/04/2003 11:58am,
I heared of something called "Schlager Fencing". It's reputedly a format for the sport that's closer to the way the Rennaisance fencers fought.

12/04/2003 12:59pm,
No it isn`t.
It's derived from 19th century schools of cut-and-thrust sword. It's a character building male bonding ritual in a particular type of ultraconservative university fraternities, no sport. Outsiders cannot participate. It's heavily ritualized, fixed distance, prescribed number of hits per round, target zones etc. etc.. It can lead to nasty headwounds. Many members of these fraternities display scars.

12/04/2003 3:29pm,
Originally posted by brandeissansoo
If they don't wear fight shorts, I don't want to see it.

I now wear fight shorts UNDER my knickers. I doubt that counts, though.

12/04/2003 3:30pm,
We want pictures !!!!

12/04/2003 3:32pm,
Come to one of my fencing tournaments, then.

12/04/2003 3:34pm,
And I believe I once posted a photoshopped picture that had me fencing in it.

12/04/2003 3:34pm,
yummy, an invite :)