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7/07/2008 12:14pm,

Normally I wouldn't bring up random stuff like this... but this guy was on MTV's 'Made' preparing a girl for a kickboxing fight... and it was really the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. The guy literally had no idea what he was talking about... and it was just bad.

On the other hand, the website lists carlos newton as a jiujitsu instructor there, and he's got some pics of himself with hendo.

So, anyone know anything about the guy?

Transcendent Sunchips
7/07/2008 12:29pm,
Damnit. If I was still in Barrie, I could've checked this out.

However, something's not right here. A few of my friends train in Gary Goodridge's camp and they've never trained with Carlos Newton. Carlos Newton is more likely to get students in Barrie if he taught Goodridge's guys than from a TKD club.

Goju - Joe
7/07/2008 1:01pm,
Carlos lives in Newmarket which is what? an hour from Barrie, He could easily come up there once or twice a week.

7/07/2008 2:15pm,

So, he can handle the water in Australia, but could his martial skills handle the pollution of Lake Ontario?