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12/03/2003 4:11pm,
here's my list:

jab: muhammad ali
straight right: joe louis
left hook: joe frazier
uppercut: mike tyson
work ethic: rocky marciano

greatest moment: joe louis KO max schmeling
greatest fight: ali vs. frazier I

12/03/2003 4:13pm,
Don't discount a young George Foreman! Just because he faught too long doesn't take away from his younger self in my mind. He knocked people out through there defense that's punching power man.

12/03/2003 4:20pm,
bill richmond for the old school , early tyson
i have a soft spot for rubin carter too

12/03/2003 4:23pm,
hard to argue with jenfucius's list...
I have to add Roberto Duran ( as a lightweight)
Ray Mancini for the excitment of his fights.
Pure talent and athletisim, Roy jones Jr.

12/03/2003 4:34pm,
how about Arturo Gatti V. Mickey Ward #1

that fight was the ****, i didn't realize till it was over how lucky i was to watch it live (on tv)

12/03/2003 4:52pm,
footwork: Muhammed Ali

12/03/2003 4:58pm,
jab: muhammad ali
straight right: Lennox Lewis
left hook: Mike Tyson
uppercut: mike tyson
Body blows: George Foreman
2nd best at everything: Evander Holyfield
All around bad-ass: Roberto Duran
Wolf in tubby old man's body: Ray Mercer

Greatest fight: Ali/Frazier I

12/03/2003 5:07pm,
OK, time for some controversy:

most under-rated fighter: Marvin Haggler

most unrealized potential: Hector Cammacho (SP?!?)

Wu De
12/03/2003 5:37pm,
What about Oscar De la Hoya? I saw some of his fights and he was pretty good plus didn't he have some primary school named after him?

12/03/2003 6:25pm,
no way lennox lewis's straight right is better than joe louis's was!

12/03/2003 6:55pm,
Ya know, I'm probably thinking of a right cross.

Little Idea
12/03/2003 8:22pm,
I'm thinking half of you don't know what the hell you are talking about. . .