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6/29/2008 8:00pm,
Okay, so I've spent the past month or so trying out various schools, looking into various styles, blah blah blah with the hands-on research. Being a bit of an idiot, I have to test things out for myself rather than doing the intelligent thing and learning from the experienced.

That said, I stood in on two classes that I shouldn't have wasted my time with (Had I originally listened. I'm in my mid-thirties, so apparently I'm not going to learn. *heh*):

1) Wing Chun. I've been relatively sedentary for the past five years or so, I have systemic autoimmune issues (Joints, spine, lungs, gut... Fun ****.), and -I- didn't break a sweat. Wearing forearm guards for light contact blocking drills. Jeez.

2) Kenpo. Little bit better workout -- Just the initial cardio warmup, though. After that it was compliant drills on the IMO unrealistic and rigid cirriculum. A lot of sloppy technique and the occasional complaint that I was making 'too much contact'.

So, that sucked. You guys are right.

Now on to some places I ended up interested in:

1) http://www.texassamurai.com/

I'm most interested in this place because I'm getting attached to FMA. I don't know much about doce pares, though. There's a Pekiti-Tirsia instructor on the other side of town, but only offering a few classes a week -- Most of which my work schedule won't allow me to make. Doce Pares, anyone?

2) http://www.whitetigermmatx.com/

Same problem with the scheduling. Either program is going to be Mon-Wed or Tue-Thr. I work nights on a rotating schedule, so I'd be at best able to make one class per week.

3) http://www.rodrigopinheirobjj.com/

4) http://www.graciesa.com/index.php

Better scheduling, though I have a little more preference for stand-up. My fondness for knees and elbows might make muay thai a better option for now.

5) http://muaythai.sinlapamuay.com/

6) http://www.911kravmaga.com/

I understand Krav is a bit hit-or-miss with regard to training. It's a KMWW facility. The only potential downside is, 'It's KM', and that seems to be a coin toss for quality control. The positives -- Many classes scheduled; Both conditioning and training classes could be of benefit to me. Another aspect is that I'm kind of new in town, and the social aspect of a martial art is somewhat important. Let's face it, Krav is where the hotties wanting to be J-Lo Movie Kickass go, and BJJ is where the sweaty MMA guys go. "Meet more hot women" is certainly a factor to consider. Though not at the complete expense of bad training. (I don't like contracts, either.)

Appreciate any feedback.

6/29/2008 8:01pm,
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