View Full Version : Realization....I did BJJ in my TKD class.

12/02/2003 11:07pm,
OMGOOSE. After remenescing abit about the past, I have just now realized that my instructor made a few attempts to teach some sort of grappling, from what I remember it seemed like BJJ. But due to the complaints of people in the class(ew ew why do i have to be in a missionary position with another man) he stopped trying. He tried to teach us how to armbar and triangle choke from the guard, apply an armbar from the mount and had us rolling for a good 20 minutes.

Go figure.

12/02/2003 11:16pm,
it's even better with tights on!

12/02/2003 11:53pm,
how would you know?

12/02/2003 11:53pm,
It was Stold2 that complained wasn't it.
Little bastard.

12/03/2003 1:59pm,
He should have just allowed groundwork in your sparring then tapped them out a few times. They'd get over it pretty fast.