View Full Version : Boston area Christmas?

12/02/2003 10:16am,
I know it's kinda late notice but I'm gonna be visiting my parents from the 20-28 about 45min-1hr north of Boston near Haverhill. I was thinking about visiting Fisher Academy to see what it's all about. But I'd also like to meet some of you guys if you're in the area. Is this a Throwdown? I don't know becasue I have no gym association in that area.

Please post if you are interested or have ideas.

12/03/2003 8:51pm,
I Live In Manchester, NH. thats sorta close.

12/08/2003 10:10am,
Anybody else? I can't believe our Northeastern registration is so low...

Deadpan Scientist
12/08/2003 10:36am,
I'll be in California.

Beatdown Richie
12/08/2003 11:22am,
I'll be in Boston most of the time. I'll have to check when our school is open for possible mat times...

12/09/2003 9:50am,
yeah Manchester is closer than I thought.

Anybody want to go to Fisher Academy with me? I don't want to strut in and challenge him. I actually think he is getting a bum rap around here I'd like to see the method to his madness.

12/09/2003 10:53am,
You don't need anyone to come here with YOU. Your welcome anytime you want! Just make sure you have something to teach me, I love learning new things. My MAJOR weaknesses are ground fighting.

Not for sport though, combat only. I don't teach or train for sport. Right now I am stdying Small circle. But if you come to visit, YOU MUST teach me something, otherwise dont come!

12/09/2003 10:54am,
Dont worry about a BUM rap man, this forum builds CHARACTER!

1/02/2004 3:46pm,
Hey Whiteshark, what happend? I thought you were coming over?

1/03/2004 1:29pm,
I got sick on the plane on the way up, and was in the Emergency room on tuesday(out of area insurance only covers ER). I got a prescription for Zithromax that fixed me up pretty good. I feel better than I have in a month, I think I must have had a low-grade sinus infection all of december! To top it all off I got my Mom and Dad sick too, My Christmas pretty much sucked.

Sorry I didn't post sooner. I figured if no one else cared to bump the thread I'd shut up.

1/05/2004 3:53pm,
oh, sorry to hear about your illness. Sam was supposed to pay me a visit as well.