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12/02/2003 6:25am,

British martial art to be taught in UK for first time

Britain's only modern martial art is be taught in the UK for the first time next year.

Defendo will be taught at the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds where actors will perform demonstrations of wartime combat techniques.

The discipline was invented in Liverpool in 1907 by Bill Underwood and used by Canadian soldiers in the First and Second World Wars.

It was taught to British spies for a short time, but never took off in the UK because Mr Underwood emigrated to Canada shortly before the First World War.

It's a brutal discipline that relies on applying pressure to the body's weak spots.

Essentially combatants disable their opponents by manipulating their nervous systems.

Clive Elliott, the only British instructor of Defendo, told The Times: "It is not a beautiful martial art.

"With Defendo you can deal with the situation more easily because it is all about pain. It's essentially a box of 200 tricks to get you out of a tricky situation."

Story filed: 10:24 Monday 1st December 2003


I've heard of this before somewhere... is it teh real deal for teh str33t f1ght, or is it Bullshido?

They have a website here: http://www.defendo.com/

12/02/2003 6:27am,
Feh, Defendo shall always fall before my ancient (4 years old) system: Offendo.

12/02/2003 6:29am,
True, a good Offendo is the best Defendo ;).

12/02/2003 6:50am,
'only british modern martial art'-----WTF they totally forgot nedjitsu, which has been poular in britain for nearly 100 years

12/02/2003 6:51am,
Oh, christ, not these guys again ...

12/02/2003 6:53am,
which guys?

12/02/2003 6:54am,
The defendo guys. We had threads and threads about them for a few months on the old site. Drove me SPARE.

12/02/2003 6:56am,
Are these guys Bullshido then, or do they just annoy some people?

12/02/2003 10:09am,
Based on the ads I saw in BB magazine, I'd say they're certainly suspect of bullshidoism.

Heh, "Are you now, or have you ever been, a Bullshidoist?"

12/02/2003 1:53pm,
...and BARTITSU (check Google etc) was offering Bullshido in Britain hundreds of years ago already, so what's new...

12/04/2003 11:55pm,
THese guys are tough:

12/04/2003 11:56pm,
They know what they are doing:

12/04/2003 11:57pm,
They know Defendo:

12/04/2003 11:59pm,
Bill Underwood created Defendo. Supposedly on par with the likes of Fairbairn and Applegate.

You have to respect Bill. He was a Jiu Jitsu prodigy.

12/04/2003 11:59pm,
Damn i thought they said Dildo, is defendo something new like that or bigger that i havent heard of.

12/05/2003 12:04am,
Defendo has been around since the 1920's. Your grandmother was using a dildo back then.