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12/01/2003 10:54pm,
reminder: http://www.xmarevolution.com ... had a show on Discovery channel which if you missed it will be on again -- check local listings at http://tvlistings2.zap2it.com/grid.asp?partner_id=national

Ok... so remember on WMAC Masters how when people were fighting it would be all "Ninjas ENGAGE!" whereupon a group of ninjas would hop in and start fighting?

I think that's what is needed during kata/form tournaments only instead of Ninjas you throw in people from various arts be they BJJ, MMA, other XMA-stylists, et cetera.

Then we can all see the 720 spin kicks working and I can stop complaining about them.

12/01/2003 11:02pm,
I think you should stop making new threads about this.

I know I've had my fill already.

But I guess I'll input my two cents.
I think that some of the guys on the NASKA circuit should enter some FC Kickboxing tournaments, or even some NHB events. I'd like to see some big names from the sport, Terada, Mike Chat, Chris Devera, Kalman Csoka, Kim Do Nguyen....

Although to Kim Do did knock out one guy with a "trick kick" at a NASKA tournament, twice actually, it was quite humorous. He front flip kicked they guy, just like Tom Cruise did in MI2.

12/02/2003 4:58pm,
Aww.. Monkey... you hurt my feelings and made me cry.

Fine... I'll spell it out for you on how my thead applies since I don't believe anyone else has mentioned it on other threads yet.

MIKE CHAT (aka Mike Chaturantabut) founder of this XMA system... WAS A WMAC MASTER.


He played the character "Wizard".

12/02/2003 5:04pm,
This site and the concepts of XMA should INFURIATE you people but not enough of you are worked up yet.

Here's a quote from the XMA site regarding the "art".

"It can be an additional program like Krav Maga, CDT, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or it can be the only program offered. Anything goes with XMA!

Mike Chatís XMA Performance Training will set the standard for people of all ages and skill levels and allow them to enter into the first structured program of itís kind. It will also set the standard for national and international competition by standardizing the basic movements from all styles and creating compulsory routines with optional criteria for the elite levels. "

source: http://www.xmarevolution.com/phpnuke/modules.php?name=Sections&op=viewarticle&artid=1

And this is being said by a guy who strictly does forms, was a WMAC master, AND a Power Ranger.

Is this what you want MA to become?

12/02/2003 5:05pm,
The saddest thing of all is Mike "Chat" is Thai and could probably have been a great Muay Thai fighter. :(

12/02/2003 5:09pm,
I agree

12/02/2003 5:11pm,
With all due respect Whiteshark, (and you are a cool guy in my books)

but is'nt that a little closed-minded? Sure, the guy is Thai but not everyone is cut out for Muay Thai. Some ppl just like that XMA stuff, even if I personally happen to hate it. I myself have chinese blood in me, and I hate it when relatives from the chinese side tell me to 'stop doing that Brazilian and Japanese crap and do some gung fu!'

12/02/2003 5:17pm,
Hell yeah Frank get on that Gung fu! how dare you Practice the arts of the Barbarians!

That's why I only practice Fisticuffs! It's the only proper MA for a WASP like me!

P.S.- I was half kidding about him doing MT I am however sure that a lot of MT fans probably feel that way.

12/02/2003 5:26pm,
LOL, true dat.

On the same token I have been a little guilty of it. I used to share a flat with some Malay/Indon ppl (12 room flat) and I straight away asked if they practiced Silat. They got a little offended... apparently there are as many of them that practice other MA than there are that do Silat!

There is a chinese guy in my Judo club. Someone asked him if he did gung fu, what happened next was mindblowing. He started to do some motions in the air, and said, 'what, that rubbish??'
I may not agree with him, but it is interesting nonetheless.

12/02/2003 8:20pm,
Mike Chat was the blue ranger for two series.

12/02/2003 9:39pm,
Originally posted by WhiteShark
The saddest thing of all is Mike "Chat" is Thai and could probably have been a great Muay Thai fighter. :(

yea thats what i thought. hwo come a thai dude is doing karate?

12/02/2003 10:12pm,
Dude... Blue ranger. Isnt that just validation of his skills?

The Wastrel
12/02/2003 10:16pm,
I can't work up very much venom really...I mean...okay...it's fucking ghey. What are you gonna do?

12/02/2003 10:20pm,
"WhyteTyger: xma xma is just a new definition for an old technique of applying many different styles and skills (ieÖ tumbling, gymnastic, etc) into one form. bruce lee had begun to introduce that practice back in the 60s and 70s, but very few caught on. xma is taking it to the next level, with dedication (which is what takes to pioneer a new style). great job on the discovery channel! awesome info! i hope xma really takes off. it will be a new bread of warriors. i can not wait for a xma to open up in my area!!"

Someone posted this on the chatboard thing on the front page. Makes me sad.

12/02/2003 10:46pm,
Cut their heads off mount them on poles, then watch birds eat their eyeballs out.

But no one ever listens to my ideas. (probably because they are highly illegal, but that does not mean they are necessarily bad ideas)

12/03/2003 12:01am,
I would have a Gracie Challenge in the middle of it.
That would have made me happy...or MT or Judo or Boxing or Redneck challenge...
It did have one classic line "Never underestimate a drunk"