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12/01/2003 4:01pm,
Hey. I'm not sure if this is real or not, but I was browsing around on the net and I found this. This little kid (only 7 years old!) has bulging arms, 6 pack abs, and a ripped chest. He started working out when he was 5 and his role models are Jackie Chan and Arnold Swarzenegger(I think thats how you spell it) Heres some pictures:

And I was beliving all this stuff about how young kids can't build muscle.

Find more about him at http://www.richardsandrak.com


12/01/2003 4:14pm,
I saw him on Howard Stern. Sad, really.

And that's not an incredible amount of muscle. It's his leaness which makes it seem so exaggerated. I mean, look at his head compared to his body.


McDojo Artist
12/01/2003 4:41pm,
He will get lots of ass if he keeps that up!

12/01/2003 7:09pm,
heh, i saw him on TV, like RealTV or something
kinda sick

12/01/2003 7:17pm,
He's real.
Saw an interview with him and his parents.
His parents take a lot of criticsm because they've got him on a bodybuilders diet (no one gets down to that level of bodyfat with out careful structured diet), which experts say is unsafe for children.
(I have no idea whether it is or not...)

And I was beliving all this stuff about how young kids can't build muscle.

just like 1% of people who work out will look like Arnold, the same goes for this kid.

12/01/2003 9:57pm,
Mailing list? Fan club? 150 countries? Movie? Sounds like mom and dad are whoring out their little wad of muscles.

I could take him.

12/01/2003 10:09pm,
no please tell me, is he wearing lipstick?

Kicking Machine
12/01/2003 11:27pm,
I saw him on the Howard Stern Show too, and he did some shitty hand strikes and did one of the crapiest butterfly kicks I've ever seen. I wanted to side kick him so hard.

12/01/2003 11:29pm,
Even Arnold recommends against weight training at that age.