View Full Version : Whoo hoo! Just got my Blue Belt....

12/01/2003 6:50am,
...and swept my instructor from half-guard (after being passed about six times, of course) all in the same day! After a lousy competition where I got knocked out first round whilst fighting at 82kg with gi in the 79-85 kilo division and did my back badly enough to drop out of the open, I needed a good one.

Now I've got to live up to the fucking rank, dammit! :)

12/01/2003 7:43am,
Congratulations. It sounds like you fought well.

Do you fo Brazilian Ju Jutsu?

12/01/2003 8:13am,

12/01/2003 8:58am,
Great Job! Now for the long road to purple...

12/01/2003 4:31pm,
Good for you, now you can beat up every karate black belt on planet Earth! At the same time!

12/01/2003 4:37pm,

12/01/2003 4:56pm,
Well done. Here's a tip though - each belt gets heavier and heavier to wear and it never gets any easier. Still, you wouldn't want it any other way.

Wu De
12/01/2003 6:19pm,
Congratulations, good luck with your continued training.

12/01/2003 7:02pm,
Thanks, guys

JohnnyS: Thanks for the tip - I'm already feeling the weight. I've got lots of things to work on in the six months before the Vics.

12/01/2003 8:07pm,
Just think, now every white belt will be gunning for you, wanting your scalp :)

Something that I realised when I got to purple, and it's even more relevant now, is that you can't go easy on people because they are a lower belt. It's very easy to think "I'll just go soft, he's a lower grade" and then the bastards catch you in a bad position or sub ! So don't relax bro !

Congratulations again though. BJJ is a long hard road, but the people you meet along the way and the training make it all worthwhile.

12/01/2003 9:19pm,
JohnnyS - what's wrong with getting caught in a worse position by someone lower rank than you - gives you plenty to work on - I personally get alot more out of letting people with less skill get to a better position and then fighting my way to a better position, then submission rather than just never letting them get me to a bad position and controlling the whole time (well, that's fun too everynow and then).

I also think it's good to let the lesser skilled people start to get a submission on you and then work to not get caught by it, then escape to a more dominant position.

I do klnow what you mean about everyone gunning for you - they feel if they beat you then they must be ready to test also (and want to prove it to any instructor watching)!

Congrats NSLightsout - big accomplishment!

12/01/2003 10:01pm,
It depends on whether you want to win or want to train your weaknesses - you need to do both obviously. I'm talking more about your mental state though. It's easy to get lazy and then find that you've let the guy get you in his favourite position or submission. If your intention is to train that escape or defense then fine, but if you want to win then you can't be lazy.

12/03/2003 6:11pm,
Congrats on your blue belt!

I've been submission wrestling for a few months now and have also done some groundwork in krav maga over the past year, so I'm pretty new to ground fighting. I'm about to start BJJ and would just like to get an idea of where you were when you started BJJ and how long it took you to get to blue belt. In other words:

How old are you?
What kind of shape were you in when you started BJJ?
Did you have any prior ground-fighting experience?
How often did you train?
How long did it take you to get your blue belt?

Sorry for the Spanish Inquisition-type questioning but curious newbies want to know.


Newbie Al

12/03/2003 6:16pm,
Congrats Bro!

I know what Johnny is talking about, with junior guys. Last night, I was able to do really well against a more senior guy, and surprised myself. Kept going for subs and got top easily. 3 months ago, it was a living hell to roll with him, it's great to see progress.

I hope to see you at blue soon!

12/03/2003 6:18pm,
Congrats. man.

12/03/2003 8:04pm,
Last night I was wrestling with one of the blue belt girls who is quite good and I thought, I'll let her put me in a triangle and then escape. Bad move! She put it on so tight and I had to really struggle to get out. See, I didn't even follow my own advice.