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6/17/2008 11:49pm,
Yesterday I overheard a conversation about some people here starting a "fight club", and in eavesdropping I heard that they were going to set it up in a team vs team fashion with a single guy coaching either team. The immediate TUF wannabe warning bell went off but I kept listening out of a sense of morbid curiousity. After a bit the guy speaking explained that he was going to be one of the "coaches", and I peeked around to see that it was actually two people I recognized conversing.

It was at this point that I immediately began to worry.

Flash back to a few weeks previous: The guy speaking was someone I had rolled with during a casual out of class practice session a few friends and I have once or twice a week. He showed up once, and we explained to him that it was a relaxed environment and we weren't really going any harder than 70%.

Within the first 20 seconds of rolling with him he was breathing heavily and rapidly, and exerting himself to the point where he was quaking. Over the next few minutes, he was stacking me on my neck, repeatedly slamming me, and generally showing up with every dick manuever in the book (grinding his knee on crotch, holding onto moves that are painful but aren't really going anywhere, etc). I eventually rolled him over and began to follow through with an omoplata. He didn't tap, so I slowly eased more and more pressure on, until something in his shoulder popped. I let go, stood up, and backed away. He got up and ran to the bathroom, where he vomited into my friends toilet. He came back after a minute and explained that he had to go, as he was late in taking his medication. "For what?", we asked. Borderline Personality Disorder. Yikes.

So upon recognizing the guy and realizing how bad that situation might turn out to be, I started doing some digging and asking around. If what I dug up is all factual (yet to be fully proven, I haven't spoken to either of the "coaches" yet) the "fight club" is going to involve two teams consisting of young (16-22), completely untrained dudes. These guys are going to be "trained" by the aforementioned spaz, and another dude in his late twenties who is also completely untrained. The "fighters" are under the impression that these guys not only have a real background, that they are in fact capable of training people to be competent. They will not be using handwraps, gloves, mouthpieces, cups, or pads of any kind.

My immediate concern is that someone (more so one of the kids) is going to get hurt, and possibly in a way that's permanent. I sincerely hope it's just a passing notion and they've just been watching too many movies, but on the other hand, it could be dangerous to the people involved under false pretenses.

I don't really want to involve the police because I think that's lame and I don't really see a reason to.

If these "coaches" are really dedicated to this dumbass idea, I don't think I'll be able to talk them out of it, especially considering the crazed bearing of the aforementioned spaz. I plan to approach the "fighters" involved too, but from what I can tell they're extremely convinced that these guys know what they're doing. Any suggestions?

Kentucky Fried Chokin
6/17/2008 11:57pm,
This doesn't really seem like an investigation since we already know they suck and there not trying to take anyone's money and I've yet to hear any claims on their part. I think the only things we can do hear is ask them to record their fights to enjoy their craptastic LARPing.

6/18/2008 12:03am,
Doesn't really seem all that unusual. Not too far off from backyard slap-boxing, really. If the guy sucks and is a dick when sparring he'll get whomped sooner or later and the cat will be out of the bag.

6/18/2008 12:09am,
join and beat everyone up?

Nathan McScary
6/18/2008 12:39am,
Wow, this post basically sums up the reason why most new MMA followers are morons.

Well, I hope the kids they are coaching have parents with good dental plans.
no mouth guards + zealous untrained swing for the fences fighters = goodbye teeth

6/18/2008 12:42am,
join and beat everyone up?

Sounds like a plan.... video it...ohhh please video it...

When you have enough respect from them & they are in awe of your fighting suggest they they join an MMA club or at least use gum shields, wraps etc.

Oh & dont forget to fight both of the guys teaching & hurt them bad.

I know if I was in their position I would think twice if I saw my teacher made to look a fool when fighting.

6/18/2008 12:42am,
Zaii, ur post made me have a flashback. So i was at work about two week ago when some tall skinny guy with a uni-bomber haircut I have never met comes over and introduces himself by saying "u like to fight?" Warning bells go off everywhere and I say "i enjoy sparring"

he goes on to regail me about his "tuesdays at midnight" fight club (midnight, really? is that fucking necessary?) and how untrained guys go and fight with no pads and few rules, "except for one guy, he wont fight with face shots...*****" and how he wants me to go so he has "someone who will challenge him". I still have no fuckin clue how he even found out i did martial arts, and i certainly dont want to go to someones back yard where everone calls each other tyler durdan, so i mutter something about being busy and left it at that.

I find out later that my creepy ass bitch of a manager saw that i listed my jjj instuctor as a refference and decided to tell that guy that i was "some kind of ultimate fighter". Some of the other guys said that this had happened before, and that she had a habit of trying to get guys to fight over her. Fucking adorable, considering i got the job through my gf's roommate, and considering she looks like an emo version of something from fraggle rock.

thanks zaii, i had this all repressed until now

6/18/2008 12:59am,
Wow, this post basically sums up the reason why most new MMA followers are morons.

This sort of dickery has nothing to do with mma. Kids used make their own nunchuks out of broom handles and thwack each other after watching bruce lee movies. And "most"? Ah **** it. You practice ke?po. There's no good in arguing here.