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12/01/2003 1:02am,

I'm buying my first full set of boarding gear (boots, bindings, board). I'm buying from Huffy's line of gear (LTD, Lamar or SIMS), getting a great discount.

I've boarded a few years now on rentals, seem to do ok on a 159 board, but I'm not sure about the stiffness and some other elements.

I'm currently looking at either getting an Advanced board or a Pro board (Advanced board is topline production freestyle board, I'm rarely in the board park, while the Pro board is more customized to a certain professional's specs). The Advanced are a bit more expensive.

My concern is that I'm going to buy a board that's "beyond" my ability to "grow" into. I learned on Whistler in BC, and I'm definitely no beginner (I handle most single-blacks fine) but I'm also expecting to get better over the next couple of years.

6' tall, 200lbs and a bit top-heavy (althetic build). One of the guys I know who's 6' and 230lbs boards on a 159 Pro, but that's because he likes the specs, he could use an Advanced...he's definitely better than me.

I'm looking at the Lamar Endless/LTD Team board, or a Lamar Reaper. (They longest SIMS board is a 157, and I've read bad reviews about them...)

I gotta decide tomorrow though.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Info?

12/01/2003 1:41am,
You seemed a little "cerebral" for snowboarding...but good luck.

12/01/2003 4:17am,
I just grab boots and a board and go.

12/01/2003 5:38am,
It all depends on your preference/experience. If this is your first set up, get a board that is designed for all around use. These boards are usually a little stiffer than park boards because your average person buying their first set up is not likely to be bustin crazy shite in the park and therefore wouldn't need a really flexible board. Being 6' and having a 159 (a little on the bigger side), you probably won't be setting any records in the park, but you'll never be hurting for speed.

I'm 6'1", 190lbs and I ride a 156 Burton Rippey

P.S. SIMS are notorious for being extremely heavy and breaking easily due to poor construction. Food for thought.

12/01/2003 9:21am,
I'm also 6'1 190, and I have a 1993 161cm Burton and a 1995 159cm(?) Sims. I don't like either one. Of course, I live in the Midwest US where the hills are nothing but ice, so my situation is different I suppose. But I want a board which doesn't chatter....and both of these do. Other than that, I have no complaints about either one in terms of quality.

I was pleased with a Ride which I rented once. But then, I'm not much for half-pipes or any particularly spectacular aerial stuff (not at all, actually). Just speed, edge-to-edge control, enough girth not resist chatter, wide enough to avoid toe drag, and the Ride did that better than my burton and Sims.

Not that my story helps you...

Advice. Put more thought into good boots than your *first* board. It's not the arrow, it's the indian.

12/01/2003 9:22am,
Don't forget to take your rubbers.

12/01/2003 12:16pm,

Although I appreciate the advice, I was trying to make it clear that I'd already addressed all the issues about boots, experience, etc. The boots are LTD Trinity (GREAT fit!), and the bindings are LT125. I'm never really on the park, sounds like keinhaar and I share the same type of riding interest...just wanna enjoy the slopes and maybe pick up some speed.

Clash, yeah, I figured that about the SIMS. I heard they weren't all that great. Sad, but at least I found out beforehand. I've boarded a shorter bard (Rossignal 156 of some type) when I was at Whistler and did ok, but I was starting to feel I was exceeding the limits of the board by the end of that season. (Granted, they were crap rentals with step-ins.) I've also boarded an...I think it was an elan 59? That handled nicely. I'm comfortable around the 159 range, plus I'm expecting that I'll put on a bit of weight during the winter. My last board experience was on a Burton...nice, but nothing special.

Kein, RIDE makes NICE boards. My buddy's got one and he loved it, but I think he raked the crap out of it on Blackcomb. LOL! He's a bit on the reckless side, and a bit of a lightweight. He's very aggressive though, and never had any problems with it.

Basically, my only question/concern is if anyone has ever bought a board that was "too much board" for them? I have images of the 18 year old who buys himself a Porsche 911 and rolls it on his first time out...LOL!

12/01/2003 12:50pm,
Real men telly ski.

12/01/2003 1:03pm,
We always watched Warren Miller to get pumped for the season. Whatever you think of the stunts (I like 'em), the soundtracks always rock!

12/01/2003 1:28pm,
I've never claimed to be a real man. I've also never telly-skiied.

Huffy owns the Volant line of ski products, btw...as well as Tommy Armour (and one other title) of golf gear, LTD skateboard stuff...a few others.

I might be able to swing deals if you guys know what you want.