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11/30/2003 8:00pm,
Hello brother, im a student of Master Flavio Behring from Sau Pulo Brasil , here in P.R. i only compete in the N.A.G.A. i just start to compete out from my country; in my country we compete for love not for money. You can see any detail in nagafighter.com

Bless you my friend.

11/30/2003 8:03pm,
We all pretty much train and compete for love not money, there isn't alot of money in MMA/BJJ, etc unless in the higher levels.

Which NAGA competition did you fight in?

11/30/2003 8:16pm,
In the N.A.G.A. 2002, in the senior 40 years old to 50.

11/30/2003 8:30pm,
Wow! That is awesome! I hope to be competing at that age.

11/30/2003 8:35pm,
Welcome my friend!
How long have you been instructing?

11/30/2003 8:55pm,
Anthony just keep working hard, i see that you are with the gracie family, thats good and you're going to see that when you get 40 you are going to be like Mestre Helio Gracie, keeping working.

Pizzdof, i start my trining in martial arts when i was 5 years old.

Sorry by my english, my english is little cheap, but im going to learn with you people.

11/30/2003 9:06pm,
No no no no!!!!

*Waves arms in the air!*

How long have you been an instructor?

11/30/2003 9:33pm,
Since 1982